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Albigen A

1-ethenylpyrrolidin-2-one is a textile chemical.

Ardex F 4

Ardex F 4 is a cement-based fine grouting compound for ceramic wall tiles and mosaics where the joint width does not exceed 4mm. The powder is mixed with water to produce a soft, creamy and easily worked mortar with good filling properties, allowing joints to be completely filled in one operation. The hardened ARDEX F 4 joint is smooth, weather resistant, unaffected by water and can be used for internal and external tiling in dry and wet conditions, including swimming pools with non-aggressive water conditions.

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Aziridines are organic compounds containing the aziridine functional group, a three-membered heterocycle with one amine group and two methylene groups. It is used in polymerization products, as a monomer for polyethyleneimine, as a comonomer for polymers and in paper and textile chemicals, adhesives, binders, petroleum refining chemicals, fuels and lubricants, coating resins, varnishes, lacquers, agricultural chemicals, cosmetics, ion exchange resins, photographic chemicals and surfactants.

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BA Powder

BA Powder is mainly used in whitening of cotton fabric. It provides strong fluorescence, excellent whitening performance and high yellowing point.

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BANDOX-FG is ready to print paste for lacquered and glossy elastic effects.

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BC 89/175

BC 89/175 is an emulsion containing a reactive silicone polymer.

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BTEX 2501

BTEX 2501 is a Borated Monogalctomannon (Borated GUAR) developed thickener for printing of carpet and blankets. This product is compatible with most chemicals, auxiliaries and dyestuffs used in dying and printing of polyamide, polyacrylic, wool, carpets and blankets.

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Binder FL

Binder FL is a kind of self cross bonding binder, it is suitable for textile pigment printing, and also can use be a print binder for fluorescent coating and white coating, The skin coating tenacity, soft and elasticity handle, no yellow change in high temperature. Binder FL applies to various pigment printing processes, such as flat screens, round screens, rollers and table printing,can acquire very soft and smooth printing handle.Binder FL requires the minimum amount of thickener in preparation of printing paste.

DTEX 3010

DTEX 3010 is specially modified Monogalctomannon/ Depolymerized Guar developed for polyamides fabrics like wool, lycra and silk with acid and metal complex dyes. It can also be used with cationic dyes on acrylic fabric for carpet and blanket printing. It can also be used for printing on polyester and polyester blended fabrics with disperse dye stuffs followed by super-heated steam fixation (170 – 180 C).

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DUZYME BP is a stabilised blend of enzymes designed purely for the de-pilling and bio-polishing of garments.

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