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Defoam-NS is a non-anionic non silicone defamer with excellent foam inhibiting characteristic.

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Defoam-SD is a non-anionic highly efficient silicone defoamer with efficacy and non-spotting.

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Dylube AL

Dylube AL is an anionic anticrease dyebath lubricant/emulsifier for the prevention of rope marks, creasing, abrasions and spotting during wet processing particularly in jet machines.

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Finox WPA

Finox WPA is a paraffin wax emulsion softener, to impart lubricancy & shine to cotton fabric.

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Fixer-CPL is a well synthesized Melamine formaldehyde resin for the textile industry. It works as a powerful fixing agent for pigment colour in pigment printing and pigment dyeing. It acts as cross-linking agent for binders. Fixer-CPL plays an important role in Khadi printing, printing of fluorescent pigments and gold bronze powder where more fastness is required. Fixer-CPL plays a very important role by improving printing wash fastness, rubbing fastness, colour value and brightness to pigment stuff.

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Foamex SI

Foamex SI is a HT-resistant silicone defoamer.

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GAMA STAB is a good non-silicate stabilizer for alkaline hydrogen peroxide bleaching with soft fabric handle. GAMA STAB saves costly machinery from scale formation problems.

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Green DSW

Green DSW is a high performing scouring & de-sizing agent which gives better swelling effect. It is the best de-sizing agent for Polyester, Acrylic, Cotton and Polyamide. It removes natural and added impurities like Starch, Grease, Oil, Wax by emulsification and sponification. It can be used in Jet Dyeing, J-Box, Jumbo Jigger and other machineries.

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HIM - CMA is an excellent wetting and penetrating agent in mercerizing process. It can be used as a mercerising agent for all types of cotton and blended yarns & fabrics. It has very high caustic stability and saves time during mercerizing because of strong penetrating and wetting power. It has notable improvement in fabric absorbency and increases the degree of whiteness of the fabric. It is non-toxic and non-poisonous and have low foaming properties. It is a yellow to light brown free flowing liquid.

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