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Sequel-40 is an efficient dispersing ( protective colloid) and chelating agent for all stages in dyeing of textile made form cellulosies and blends. It exhibits excellent dispersing effect on Raw Cotton impurities (Waxes & Pentinates) and on the precipitates caused due to hard water. It also has moderate chelating effect on metal ions. Consequently Sequel-40 eliminates the adverse effect of Calcium and Mg++ions on the solubility of anionic dyes & their affinity to cellulosics. The advantages are it improves brightness and clarity of shades, it improves level dyeing performance of reactive dyes, it improves reproducibility of shades, it prevent shade changes caused by trace amount of heavy metal irons and further it prevent precipitation of dye stuffs.

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Softex HD

Softex HD, softener nonionic is to be applied to all natural or synthetic fibers. When this product is diluted in appropriated concentrations, forms a softners, which gives a marked smoothness, removing the rough feeling to the touch, it giving, too, silkiness and hydrophilicity to the fabric. Non yellowing.

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Sunsol EM

Sunsol EM is a polymeric vinyl acetate based product for giving body & stiffness to all types of fabrics.

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UP Liquid

UP Liquid is mainly be used in pulp, sizing press. The important properties are it has sufficient fiber affinity, it has good alkali stability, it has little acid/alum stability and further it is suitable for using in the condition of PH value 5-13.

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Vacore 40

Vacore 40 have excelents detergent properties used wash of fabric or garment of cotton, synthetic fibres and its mixtures. Among its applications with good results can be mentioned the soaped of fabric in subsequent continuum to the dyed, in the event of using either the vat, reactive, or direct colorant.

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YOGEE MRS is a alkali-soluble Wetting / Penetrating agent for use in Mercerizing and Causticizing liquors. YOGEE MRS is highly efficient on grey Cotton Yarn and Fabric. YOGEE MRS is also Wetting and Penetrating agent in Caustic solution At Mercerizing concentration of 25-300.

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ZYTOPLAST is a homogeneous modified corn starch, formulated with speciality bio-eliminable additives for spun yarn sizing. It can be used alone or in combination with unmodified or modified starch to reduce the cost. It is easy to desize with enzymes. It gives excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance, making it an ideal component for spun yarn sizing.

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Zypon ETS

Zypon ETS is soaping agent for reactive colors. Zypon ETS is low foaming with excellent stability in hard water.

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AALFA SOFT is a special softener to import soft, fluffy & bleasing handle to knitted fabric of cellulose, wool & their blends. AALFA SOFT is a nonyellowing, non hydrophobic softener, suitable for denim garments. Though it can be applied by exhaust method, best results are obtained by padding method. It is also suitable for the finishing of readymade garments by exhaust method on the currently available machinery.

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ABROKOL-HN is a new generation product for neutralization of hypochlorite and core alkali from the fabric.

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