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AMAR TOP 9 is a non-ionic synthetic wax emulsion specially used as a final top coat on garment, nappa and softy leathers to give waxy effect and burnishable finish. It is stable to acids, hard water and salts. It is compatible with non-ionics, anionics and electrolytes.

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AMINIWET-N is a Nonionic detergent and wetting agent for textile processing.


ARDEX X 32 Natural Stone Adhesive is a special rapid hardening and drying, cement based adhesive for fixing natural stone floor and wall tiles including moisture sensitive natural stone tiles and un calibrated natural stone floor tiles. It may also be used for concrete slabs and ceramic tiles including porcelain tiles in internal and external situations.

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Acrylamide is incompatible with acids, bases, oxidizing agents, iron, and iron salts. It decomposes non-thermally to form ammonia, and thermal decomposition produces carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and oxides of nitrogen. It is prepared on an industrial scale by the hydrolysis of acrylonitrile by nitrile hydratase. Most acrylamide is used to synthesize polyacrylamides, which find many uses as water-soluble thickeners. These include use in wastewater treatment, gel electrophoresis, papermaking, ore processing, and the manufacture of permanent press fabrics. Some acrylamide is used in the manufacture of dyes and the manufacture of other monomers.

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Ardex D 15

ARDEX D15 is an easy to apply, ready mixed wall tile adhesive for ceramic and mosaic tiles. Suitable for use in domestic showers and bathrooms on appropriate backgrounds, in dry, internal locations, for fixing ceramic tiles and mosaics on gypsum plaster, paper faced boards, concrete, cement and sand renders, as well as fixing porous tiles to existing ceramic tiling.

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Ardex D 30

Ardex D 30 is a water resistant, non-slip ready mixed wall tile adhesive. The BS EN 12004 D2 TE designation for ARDEX D 30 classifies the adhesive as an" improved dispersion adhesive with additional characteristics, reduced slip and extended open time". The additional characteristics for ARDEX D 30 determined in accordance with BS EN 12004 are a high adhesion strength after water immersion and a high adhesion strength after exposure to elevated temperatures making this product ideal for use in commercial and domestic showers, kitchens and bathrooms.

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Ardex S 16

Ardex S 16 is a grey powder based on special cements, high quality synthetic resins and fillers, which is mixed with water to produce a slump free, easily applied mortar with a working time of approximately 30 minutes. It is particularly suitable for use in situations where the adhesive bed has to dry quickly or the tiling has to be grouted and put into use shortly after fixing.

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Arditex Na

ARDITEX NA is a self-smoothing, protein free latex levelling compound with improved flow and excellent adhesion, flexibility and water resistance.

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BBU Powder

BBU Powder is mainly be used in whitening of cotton fabric, polyamide fabrics and pulp. It is also used to increase brightness of light-colored fabrics.

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