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Ardex D 30

Ardex D 30 is a water resistant, non-slip ready mixed wall tile adhesive. The BS EN 12004 D2 TE designation for ARDEX D 30 classifies the adhesive as an" improved dispersion adhesive with additional characteristics, reduced slip and extended open time". The additional characteristics for ARDEX D 30 determined in accordance with BS EN 12004 are a high adhesion strength after water immersion and a high adhesion strength after exposure to elevated temperatures making this product ideal for use in commercial and domestic showers, kitchens and bathrooms.

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Ardex S 16

Ardex S 16 is a grey powder based on special cements, high quality synthetic resins and fillers, which is mixed with water to produce a slump free, easily applied mortar with a working time of approximately 30 minutes. It is particularly suitable for use in situations where the adhesive bed has to dry quickly or the tiling has to be grouted and put into use shortly after fixing.

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Arditex Na

ARDITEX NA is a self-smoothing, protein free latex levelling compound with improved flow and excellent adhesion, flexibility and water resistance.

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BBU Powder

BBU Powder is mainly be used in whitening of cotton fabric, polyamide fabrics and pulp. It is also used to increase brightness of light-colored fabrics.

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BELAXO-TLC is a silicon based thread lubricants and sewing thread lubricants have given excellent results in the finishing of sewing thread to improve the threads surface slip & increase its heat resistance.

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BELAXO-VRX is a lubricant for lick roll application for sewing threat, especially synthetic thread.

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BSU Liquid

BSU Liquid is mainly be used in sizing press, coating process. It provides excellent white performance, especially suitable for achieving high whiteness in coating and sizing process. It has good acid stability, it can achieve high whiteness in low PH value situation. It is suitable for using in the condition of PH value 1-13.

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Carmoisine is a synthetic red food dye from the azo dye group. It usually comes as a disodium salt. Carmoisine is a red to maroon powder. It is used for the purposes where the food is heat-treated after fermentation.

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Cristol-ET is excellent for effluent treatment. It is used to increase the efficiency of settling, clarification, filtration and centrifugation operations. It is extremely effective in coagulating residual colours almost completely from textile effluents where reactive dyes have been used and is excellent in clarifying low turbidity, high colour waters.

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DUZYME DZT is a new bacterial enzyme, produced from an original strain, which is designed for the desizing of fabrics sized with starch, starch derivatives or starch based mixtures, for use at 85 - 100ºC.

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