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ECOFIX-02F is a formaldehyde free dye fixing agent for Pigment printing and Pigment Dyeing.

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ECOWET DAP is a low foaming, highly concentrated APEO free universal pretreatment product for pretreatment of Knits / Towels in soft flow machine. It exhibits excellent wetting / rewetting, scouring & emulsifying property and it is stable to acids & alkalis and oxidation. It is a colourless liquid with a combination of ethoxylates.

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Fast Red E

1-Naphthalenesulfonicacid, 4-[2-(2-hydroxy-6-sulfo-1-naphthalenyl)diazenyl]-, sodium salt (1:2)

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GAMA STAIN is specially designed formulation for removal of stubborn stains, particularly, loom oil stains from texturised polyester fabrics without hand spotting. GAMA STAIN is also suitable for stain removal of polyester/cellulosic and polyester/wool blends since, it does not affect the cellulosic or wool component.

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GAMAWET NF is a non-ionic low foaming high performance scouring agent for textile processing. GAMAWET NF is an all round low foaming detergent finding use in textile processing like desizing, peroxide bleaching, hypochilorite bleaching, and dye washing off and after soaping. GAMAWET NF will show pronounced emulsifying and dispersing action, shows stain removing properties at higher dosages.

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GAMAWET NW is a non-ionic low foaming high performance scouring agent with inbuilt stabilizer for textile processing. GAMAWET NW is a all round low foaming detergent with stabilizing action finding use in textile processing like desizing, peroxide bleaching, hypochlorite bleaching, dye washing off and after soaping. GAMAWET NW is having good wetting action with excellent oil and stain removing properties, stable in hard water, bleaching and caustic soda solutions, completely biodegradable, eco-friendly, bio-safe and non toxic.

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Gum Arabic

Gum arabic, also known as gum acacia, chaar gund, char goond or meska, is a natural gum made of hardened sap taken from two species of the acacia tree; Acacia senegal and Acacia seyal. Gum arabic is a key ingredient in traditional lithography and is used in printing, paint production, glue, cosmetics and various industrial applications, including viscosity control in inks and in textile industries.

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Harshol BL

Harshol BL is an excellent dye as well as print developer and fixing agent with simultaneous tone brightening and leveling effect specially in moderate hard water. Harshol BL improves colour yield due to complete fixation of dyes. It improves levelling, brilliancy and reproducibility of the shade.

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Harshol EX

Harshol EX is an excellent auxiliary formulated having multifunctional properties in the process of scouring, desizing and swelling of synthetic and natural fabrics. Harshol EX product is well suitable for degumming of silk. It regulates scouring and bleaching processes in both acid and alkali mediums. Harshol EX removers oil stains, soil and metal particles, various stains and sizes very easily. Harshol EX increases absorbency reducing the consumption of alkalies and detergents, moreover it also stabilizes the reducing as well as oxidizing products used as bleaching agents in scour bath.

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Harshol JD

Harshol JD is a powerful concentrated swelling, scouring agents. It gives desired grainy effect to highly twisted fabrics. Harshol JD product is applicable in Drum as well as jet dyeing machine processes.Due to its high wetting and rewetting properties and penetrating action it helps to open the twisted yarn of the fabric, giving excellent swelling and shrinkage to produce compact effect to the fabric. It is a powerful swelling agent for all types of textile fabrics. Harshol JD works as excellent drumming agent in jet dyeing as well as drum machines for Swelling and one bath scour - dye technique. Harshol JD works as a powerful penetrating agent also.

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