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Harshol RA

Harshol RA is a washing off aid reserving agent for Disperse prints & dyeing, it works as a washing off chemicals which does not allow disperse dyes to redeposit on the fabric. It prevents migration to redeposit on white ground or white khadi or jari of printed fabric.

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Harshol RC

Harshol RC is a newly developed dye reducing auxiliary for reduction clearing of dyeing on polyester, cellulose acetate, viscose and various blends of fabric in acidic medium. Harshol RC has excellent reduction clearing effect on unfixed dyes from the surface of the fabric. Its reduction clearing property of the dye bath containing the unexhausted dyes in the Dye bath to be drained is good. Harshol RC reduces the tendency to release oligomer from the fabric.It saves time, labour, energy, water, chemicals as compared to conventional method.

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Harshol VB

Harshol VB is a high temperature stable viscose safe buffer and core alkali neutralizer specially for use during process of viscose polyester blends. It can be used during heat setting, dyeing and reduction treatment. Harshol VB is stable over wide temperature range. It does not burn viscose yarn under normal condition of dyeing & printing process. It ensures and maintains constant ph even at elevated temperatures. Harshol VB improves the shades and brightness of dyes.

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Iron Oxide

Iron oxide is one of the iron oxides. It consists of the chemical element iron in the oxidation state of 2 bonded to oxygen. It occurs in nature as the result of the incomplete oxidation of iron metal. It can be prepared synthetically by heating iron (II) oxalate. Iron (II) oxide adopts the cubic, rock salt structure, where iron atoms are octahedrally coordinated by oxygen atoms and the oxygen atoms octahedrally coordinated by iron atoms. It is used as a pigment, used as a raw material in the production of steel, as a catalyst in a number of industrial and chemical operations.

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Isobutanol is an organic compound. Its isomers include n-butanol, 2-butanol, and tert-butanol. Isobutanol is produced by the carbonylation of propylene. Isobutanol is also produced naturally during the fermentation of carbohydrates and may also be a byproduct of the decay process of organic matter. Isobutanol, along with other low molecular weight alcohols can also be produced by some engineered microorganisms such as corynebacterium. It is useful in organic synthesis, as a chemical intermediate and as a solvent in coating applications. Isobutanol is similar in property to n-butyl alcohol and may be used as a supplement or replacement for n-butyl alcohol in many applications. Isobutanol could possibly serve as an alternative to gasoline to fuel combustion engines.

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KAM FIX CL is used as an fixer in textile industry.

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LEVEGAL PL is a levelling and synchronizing agent for dyeing polyester with disperse dyes.

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LUMITEX ZX is a highly concentrated binder specially prepared to print polyester glitter zari on any kind of fabric. Polyester glitter printed with Lumitex ZX has excellent dry and wet fastness and brightness due to lustrous film of the binder.

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Lubmax SPL

Lubmax SPL is a very good lubricating agent for pretreatment and dyebath for avoiding running creases and rope marks on cotton and blended kintted fabrics.

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MIRAFIN-OC is a speciality softener and lubricant for all types of fibres/fabrics. It imparts good softness with lubricating properties, it has improved sewability so that damages will be avoided in the garment industry, it has minimal yellowing and dulling of dyeing / prints, it can be applied by padding as well as exhaust method and further it is cost effective.

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