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Medenol PK

Medenol PK is anionic liquid quenching agent for hydrogen peroxide which effectively eliminates carry over of peroxide form bleaching to subsequent dyeing.

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Metropol L

Metropol L is widely used in rubberband industries, textile processing, leather chemical manufacturing, leather tanning and hygienic processes.

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NEOSIL MNX belongs to a group of silicones microemulsion softeners especially designed to give a heavy, silky hand, and easily applied by exhaustion or continuous methods. It is adequate for softening all types of fibbers, it provides very full and flexible touch with the typical flexibility of a silicone surface, it has adequate for permanent finishing and it has good antistatic effect on synthetic textile and their combinations with cotton and wool.

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NEOZYME BE is a stabilized powder cellulose enzyme developed and quality controlled specifically for high abrasion and low backstaining in denim wet processing application. It results in a lower level of backstaining and strength loss performance as compared to standard cellulose enzyme product. It is a light brown powder and provides high quality washing.

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NESOFT NMS is a 100% non-ionic softener in pellets form having non–yellowing effect, providing lubricancy and supple finish to the fabric.

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Natofin HF

Natofin HF specially designed as self finish product for finishing of cotton, polyester, nylon, acrylic and its blends. It is based on different polymers along with plastisizers, giving full body with little soft handle.


ORGAWET AN is an APEO free, low-foaming wetting agent stable at very high alkali concentration. It provides a good level of hydrophility and whiteness to the applied material. It does not create foam problems in the processes. ORGAWET AN is stable to hard water and alkali used in the bleaching process.

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Octowet 75

Octowet 75 is very effective at low concentrations for applications as a high-speed wetting agent in dyeing and washing operations for the textile industry. It is widely used as a penetrant and emulsifier for many textile applications in the areas of preparation, dyeing and finishing.

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Optifix DR

Optifix DR is excellent for pre-cationizing in case of sulphur,direct and pigment dyes.

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Oxyclear L

Oxyclear L is a catalase for enzymatic elimination of hydrogenperoxide-residues.

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