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Polishzyme is fungal Trichoderma species cellulase polishing enzymes to be used in fabric and garment finishing processes.

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Ponceau 4R

Ponceau 4R (also known as C.I. 16255 [1], Cochineal Red A[1], C.I. Acid Red 18[1], Brilliant Scarlet 3R[1], Brilliant Scarlet 4R[1], New Coccine[citation needed]) , SX purple[citation needed]) is a synthetic colourant that may be used as a food colouring. It is denoted by E Number E124[1]. Its chemical name is 1-(4-sulpho-1-napthylazo)- 2-napthol- 6,8-disulphonic acid, trisodium salt. Ponceau 4R is a red azo dye which can be used in a variety of food products, and is usually synthesized from aromatic hydrocarbons from petroleum.

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RUCOWET LF is a cost effective, APEO free wetting agent and detergent for all substrates, good resistance to acids & alkalis, very good compatibility with enzymes.

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Rungplex-S is organic is having sequestrant with excellent chelating action on Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Copper for the treatment or hard water and heavy metal ions over a wide range of pH and temperature in preparation, coloration and finishing processes.

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Softex 300

Softex 300 is used for desizing of fabric, especially Denim. This product by phisical action removes natural or synthetic sizing agents, wax, lubricants, etc.. Biodegradable totally.

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Sunsol MBX

Sunsol MBX is an improvised poly vinyl acetate emulsion for giving extra body luster & bulkiness to fabric without papery feel.

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Sylast ASC

Sylast ASC is nonionic concentrated amino functional poly siloxane emulsion. It imparts superior softness to cotton garments, hosiery fabrics and yarn APEO free.

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TEXAMOL WT is a sodium salt of Beta Naphthalene Sulphonic Acid Fomaldehyde condensate. TEXAMOL WT is a powerful dispersing agent, used in dyeing of natural and synthetic fibers to produce speck free level dyeing. TEXAMOL WT is an efficient dispersing agent for use in dyeing o polyester fibers/fabrics with disperse dyestuffs. It is ideally suited for HTHP dyeing of polyester fibers/fabrics with disperse dyestuffs. The recommended concentration is 0.5 – 1.5 g/l in the dye bath. TEXAMOL WT can also be used as protective colloid in Vat acid process with Vat dyestuffs,Acetate rayon dyeing with Acetate dyestuffs,Indigosol (Solubilised Vat) dyeing,Polyamide dyeing with disperse / acetate dyestuffs,Naphthol dyeing.

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Unisoft KT

Unisoft KT is a versatile softener for all fiber.

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VIJIBRIGHT is a fluorescent whitening agent for textile industry for natural & regenerated fibers.

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