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Veepol ACB

Veepol ACB is a high activity liquid acid Cellulase Enzyme, produced by fermentation of non-pathogenic fungus, developed and specifically designed to produce aggressive abrasion at Low Dosages in Denim Stone-Washing, knit and Garment Processing. Veepol ACB may be run from pH 4.5-5.5 and temperature of 55°C - 60°C (131°F to 140°F).

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Vinarol DT

Vinarol DT is a sizing agent for filament rayon and staple fibre yarns of all kinds, for yarns made from cellulosic fibres and synthetic fibres, and viscose filaments.

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Vinarol FV

Vinarol FV is a sizing agent for yarns made from cotton, viscose staple, wool or linen, as well as synthetic staple fibres on their own or in blends. It can be used together with recondensates to produce wash-resistant size.

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Vinarol ST

Vinarol ST is a sizing agent for spun yarns made of cotton, viscose staple, wool, linen, synthetic fibres and their blends.

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WHN Powder

WHN Powder is mainly be used in whitening of cotton fabric, polyamide fabrics and pulp. It is also used to increase brightness of light-colored fabrics.

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ZYDEX 2300

ZYDEX 2300 is a flexible acrylic polymeric dispersion. It improves wet pickup by 15-20%, which allows more surface deposition of size and reduces hairiness in the sized yarn, which is a critical requirement for air jet looms. It helps the sizer to replace PVA partially for easy desizability and effluent disposal.

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Zyscour LF

Zyscour LF is a very low-foaming wetting cum scouring agent especially suitable for machines like jet, soft flow etc.

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ABROLAV-ADR is an anionic leveling agent for reactive dyes.

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ABROLAV-PBI is a buffer for polyester dyeing & maintains the pH of the bath throughout the dyeing cycle. ABROLAV-PBI replaces the dispersant & has sequestering action on heavy metals.

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ABROLAV-RDL is an anionic Dispersing cum leveling agent for reactive dyes.

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