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Zyscour LF

Zyscour LF is a very low-foaming wetting cum scouring agent especially suitable for machines like jet, soft flow etc.

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ABROLAV-ADR is an anionic leveling agent for reactive dyes.

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ABROLAV-PBI is a buffer for polyester dyeing & maintains the pH of the bath throughout the dyeing cycle. ABROLAV-PBI replaces the dispersant & has sequestering action on heavy metals.

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ABROLAV-RDL is an anionic Dispersing cum leveling agent for reactive dyes.

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ABROLAV-SDB is a high performance, low-foam auxiliary with excellent dispersing, buffering and sequestering action during the dyeing of disperse dyes on 100% polyester and on polyester blended fabric, yarn and loose-stock.

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ABROSIL SEW is a highly effective non-yellowing high performance micro emulsion for permanent finish on all types of fibres.

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ABROSIL-P80 is high concentrated effective silicone softener to produce water clear softener micro emulsion.

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ABROSIL-SNY is non-yellowing Silicon Softener for full, soft silky hand coupled with excellent surface smoothness.

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ABROSOF-RSD is an anionic washing off cum chelating agent.

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ABROZOL-TCI is high performance diffusion accelerant with good swelling properties for high temperature dyeing of polyester with dispersed dyes.

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