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ABSIZE-LT-L is a low temp.bacterial alpha-amylase enzyme preparation derived from a selected strain of Bacillus licheniformis. It is used for desizing of fabric like cotton, denim and its blends that has been sized with starch and starch size mixtures.

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ABTEX-AXN-I is a versatile product for one bath scouring & bleaching of cotton woven & hosiery fabric, scouring aid for cotton & specialty for combined scouring & dyeing polyester fibers, yarn and fabric.

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ACRYTEX-EMH is a polyacrylamide softner-cum-body filling agent for cellulosic fibre fabric.

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AMBERLIN FC is soaping agent for use on cotton / blends / synthetics.


ANTISTATE F is a sizing softner cum anti-static agent. It is a mixture of fatty acid poly-glycol esters for good lubrication properties with low static fibre-fibre function and fibre-metal friction.

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ANTISTATE V are antistatic lubricant for viscose fibre.


ASCOWAY-HAL is an unique natural mineral based wetting, scouring, stabilizing, sequestering and lubricating agent for pretreatment and bleaching of cotton and its blends & low foaming.

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ATC-PERSTAB is an economical non-silicate based organic stabilizer specially designed for alkaline bleaching of cotton and cellulosic blends with hydrogen peroxide. It provides excellent stabilization of peroxide even at high temperature and high alkaline condition & thus produces a high degree of whiteness on the bleached fabric.It replaces sodium silicate completely thereby avoids scale formation, hence softer feel. It does not generate foam even at high turbulence, hence suitable for simultaneous scouring & bleaching of cotton in soft flow machines.

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ATC-WETFAST is a powerful low foaming rapid wetting agent. It has excellent wetting & penetrating power even at very low concentration. It is very useful for the purpose of rewetting i.e. producing highly absorbent yarn or fabric such as terry towels, surgical cotton etc. It is stable to hard water. It is stable in acidic and alkaline medium and further it is primarily biodegradable.

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AUXI IN UDI can be applied both in the exhaust bath as well as in padding processes. In the exhaust dyeing of reactives and vats prior addition of 1-2% of AUXI IN UDI in the dyebath prevents Ca and Mg ions interfering with the dyeing process, particularly when using hard water.In the dyeing of reactives by cold pad-batch process the addition of 2-3 gm/I AUXI IN UDI in the padding solution gives dyeing with good levelness and solidity for the same reason. Addition of 2 gm/I AUXI IN UDI during the washing of reactive dyeing helps in the rapid removal of unfixed dye. This leads to improved rub fastness of the dyeings. Additionally, during washing-off of cold pad-batch dyeings the addition of 2 gm/I of AUXI IN UDI in the washing bath helps in the quick removal of sodium silicate from the fabric.

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