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KAMICRYL PB is used as pearl binder.

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KAPPAVON FB is a levelling agent for dyeing of polyester fibres and their blends and produces a consistent absorption of disperse dyestuffs on the fibre.

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KAPPAZYM AP is a liquid bacterial catalase for biocatalytic destruction of residual peroxide during pre-bleaching with hydrogen peroxide which enables dyeing in the same bath without intermediate rinsing.

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KEVIPOL SFC is scouring agent for cotton, staple, polyester,blended fabrics. It is used 0.1% (on weight of fabrics) along with 1.5% to 2% caustic soda in jigger, jumbo jigger, J.T.-10 M/c for scouring fabrics. It can also be used in Rapid Scouring process of cotton and blended fabrics using Hydrogen Peroxide. KEVIPOL SFC is used in cold scouring during bleaching stage. It has certain advantages like saving in time, water, fuel during scouring and bleaching process,soft feel, extraordinary brilliant white and absorbent fabric,more brilliant colours during dyeing and printing or fabric.

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Kam Emul 30

Kam Emul 30 is used as an emulsifier in textile industry.

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Kemisize CZ

Kemisize CZ is an acrylic co-polymer based sizing additive having very good film forming capability. It imparts good bonding with yarn. It also possesses very good dispersion and powerful anti-redeposition properties. Kemisize CZ solution is stable in hard water. It can be used in conjunction with the usual starch products and CMC. It is compatible with PVA and other sizing materials as well.It possesses a good dispersing property eventually reducing the viscosity of size bath.It improves adhesion property of starch with yarn.Kemisize CZ Imparts superior dimensional stability to the yarn.

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Kemisol EXL

Kemisol EXL is a co-polymer of Vinyl Acetate Monomer. It is used in textile for permanent and semi-permanent finishes. It gives a more softer and flexible texture. It is used in textile for permanent and semi-permanent finishes. Kemisol-EXL gives softer finish to the fabric.It possess very good film formation property. Kemisol EXL gives increasing dimensional stability to fabric. It can be incorporated with cross-linking agents, silicon emulsions and some selective textile finishing agents.

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Kemisol MFW

Kemisol MFW is an acrylic polymeric dispersant (Protective colloid) & chelating agent for all stages in dyeing textile procured from cotton and it Blank.It also has a moderate chelating effect on metal ions. It is also responsible for the following effects if hard water is used for dyeing.

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LEVEGAL BLD is a one-shot pre-buffered levelling, synchronizing and dispersing agent for dyeing polyester with disperse dyes.

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MERCICON-NC is Anionic wetting agent for mercerizing and causticszizing baths, non cresylic and low foaming.

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