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Kemisol EXL

Kemisol EXL is a co-polymer of Vinyl Acetate Monomer. It is used in textile for permanent and semi-permanent finishes. It gives a more softer and flexible texture. It is used in textile for permanent and semi-permanent finishes. Kemisol-EXL gives softer finish to the fabric.It possess very good film formation property. Kemisol EXL gives increasing dimensional stability to fabric. It can be incorporated with cross-linking agents, silicon emulsions and some selective textile finishing agents.

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Kemisol MFW

Kemisol MFW is an acrylic polymeric dispersant (Protective colloid) & chelating agent for all stages in dyeing textile procured from cotton and it Blank.It also has a moderate chelating effect on metal ions. It is also responsible for the following effects if hard water is used for dyeing.

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LEVEGAL BLD is a one-shot pre-buffered levelling, synchronizing and dispersing agent for dyeing polyester with disperse dyes.

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MERCICON-NC is Anionic wetting agent for mercerizing and causticszizing baths, non cresylic and low foaming.

Medenol APL

Medenol APL is a cationic liquid levelling for controlling the rate of strike when dyeing wool and nylon with acid and 2:1 pre-metallised dyes. Medenol APL maintains good color yield.

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Meganol A-1

Meganol A-1 is a one step scouring, stain removing, dispersing, levelling & sequestering agent for polyester & blends in Jet dyeing / Jigger.

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Meganol XNI

Meganol XNI is scouring agent and stain remover, containing solvents with good scouring and fat dissolving properties, recommended for pretreatment of all fibres.

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Megasurf SK

Megasurf SK is solvent based stain remover, scouring agent for polyester and its blends.

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Metrofix 2F

Metrofix 2F is used for fixing dye on cotton textile materials.

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Metrofix NF

Metrofix NF is used for fixing dye on cotton and synthetic textile materials.

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