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Medenol APL

Medenol APL is a cationic liquid levelling for controlling the rate of strike when dyeing wool and nylon with acid and 2:1 pre-metallised dyes. Medenol APL maintains good color yield.

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Meganol A-1

Meganol A-1 is a one step scouring, stain removing, dispersing, levelling & sequestering agent for polyester & blends in Jet dyeing / Jigger.

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Meganol XNI

Meganol XNI is scouring agent and stain remover, containing solvents with good scouring and fat dissolving properties, recommended for pretreatment of all fibres.

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Megasurf SK

Megasurf SK is solvent based stain remover, scouring agent for polyester and its blends.

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Metrofix 2F

Metrofix 2F is used for fixing dye on cotton textile materials.

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Metrofix NF

Metrofix NF is used for fixing dye on cotton and synthetic textile materials.

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Microcap LD

Microcap LD Fragrance Additive is effective on all types of fabrics. It gives controlled release of fragrance as well as burst of fragrance to the consumer on drying the fabric for the whole day up to 24 hours. Heat stable capsules make sure there is no loss of fragrance when dried in sunlight / dryer and on ironing post drying. It contains microencapsulated fragrance for liquid laundry detergents for long lasting, heat stable and exceptional delivery of fragrance on fabric post the drying stage.

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Neozyme 160 is liquid cellulase preparation. It is specially developed for fabric and garment finishing. It can also be used in applications processing cellulosic material derived from wood and plants. It improves the hand and appearance of fabrics and permanently reduces the tendency of pilling. It is especially suitable for the finishing process of cellulosic fabrics made of cotton, linen, viscose or lyocell. It is not compatible with strong acid, alkalis, oxidants and reducing agents.

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NEOZYME ALB is a stabilized liquid cellulase enzyme developed and quality controlled specifically for depilling of garments and fabrics. It has microbial stability and has a highly repeatable product performance. It is also widely used for softening of garment and fabrics. It is a clear, dark brown aqueous liquid and is not compatible with strong acids, alkalis, oxidants or reducing agents.

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Nano sol-30

Nano sol-30 is compactable with waterborne clear lacquers and water based poly urethane. NanoSol-30 increases hardness,abrasive resistance and friction,adhesion.Nano Sol -30 is used in formulations in the textile industry. Nano Sol-30 is used in combination with other ingredients. Nano sol-30 can protect the weave structure, improve seam slippage, dry hand, and control fabric sheen in textiles. Nano Sol-30 gives special finishing effects to blends and to fabrics made of cotton, wool, synthetic fibres and filaments. Textile finishers achieve outstanding results in dyeing and finishing using Nano Sol-30 solutions.

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