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RINOWET PCI is an ideal combination of anionic and ionic products, with-out exhibiting their disadvantages. It has excellent detergency, high wetting and dispersing power, with effective carrying capacity for soil and fats. Backed by its high compatibility, Prophox finds wide application in preparatory wet processing of cellulosic’s and synthetic fibers.

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RetarTEX CI is mainly used as dye retarding agent for man made fibres like acrylic fibres, poly esters and poly amides.

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Rungplex-PH is ecofriendly protoniser for cellulosics. Rungplex-PH prevents catalytic damage to cotton and destabilization of peroxide bleaching liquors by cognizing metallic particles.

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Rungplex-TX is an auxiliary agent for demineralization of impurities in natural cellulosic fibres. Rungplex-TX is also having chelating and dispersing properties.

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Rungquest-S is organic sequestrant suitable for sequestering heavy metal & alkaline earth metals. Rungquest-S works over a wide range of pH and temperature good deflocculation property and dispersing action on suspended solids.

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SONAFAB DFT is a levelling agent, having dispersing excellent property. It gives uniform dyeing with better colour yield especially for polyester dyeing.

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SONAFAB DRS is the latest multi functional scouring, desizing, bleaching agent to eliminate various types of stains and sizing agents. It is suitable for 100% cotton and blended fabric or yarn.

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SONAFAB RVL is used as levelling agent for reactive dyeing, on 100% cotton and blended fabrics.

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SONAFAB SWR is a swelling agent for polyester fabric. In scouring it gives wetting / swelling. It helps to open twist in roto quality and open the punch in micro quality. In dyeing it improves the brilliancy, depth of shade and increase colour value.

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Sasolwax A2

Sasolwax A2 used either directly, or as important components of textile auxiliary chemicals.These waxes improve the ease of textile processing, as well as the finish and performance of the final article.It is designed for these applications, are emulsifiable under pressure or atmospheric conditions and are easy to incorporate into various process steps during textile and leather processing.

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