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Treecol SHC

Treecol SHC is an unique adhesive used in textile for screen developing & finish of dyed clothes.

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Varion 1998

Varion 1998 is a mixture of tensioactive nonionic, specific additives and preservatives, with 80 % active matter and 20 % water. For obtaining comercial application products for washing clothes and Denin fabrics. Used for desizing, soaping and dye dispersión. Allows for a soft hand.

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Zyperse DBC

Zyperse DBC specially made to condition the dyebath. It has good control on the hard ions and other impurities present in the dyebath and also exhibit good levelling properties.Zyperse DBC also be used for wash-off of reactive dyes.

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3,5-Xylidine is used for production of pesticides, dyes, and other chemicals.

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ABROSIL- SNP is a modified emulsion of multi-function silicon. It provides superior elastomeric, soft & smooth touch to fabric.

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ABROSIL-2091 is a non-yellowing quaternary fatty amide that is suitable for application as a hand modifier on cotton fabrics and yarns.

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ABROSIL-4777 is a silicone softener composed of amino modified polysiloxane which imparts excellent lubrication and smoothness. It increases tensile resilience, gives springly elastic handle and a unique softness on various fabrics.

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ABROSO F-FSN is an anionic washing off cum soaping agent with very good anti-tinting properties.

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ABROSOFT HWS is a Non-ionic softener in flakes form hot water soluble and also non-yellowing.

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ABROSOFT-NIS is a non-yellowing softener for good surface smoothness and bulkiness.

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