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Alginic Acid

Alginic Acid is an anionic polysaccharide distributed widely in the cell walls of brown algae.It is used as an additive in dehydrated products, waterproofing,fireproofing fabrics,paper,textiles,thickening drinks, ice cream and cosmetics.

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Antifoam ACD

Antifoam ACD is an non-ionic liquid a specially developed 100% active non-silicone antifoam based n mineral oil and low foaming emulsifiers. Antifoam ACD is having good stability to high temperature, electrolytes, caustic and hydrogen peroxide and effective in continuous carpet colouration.

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Aquaint-NFDX is extensively used as fixing agent for direct & reactive dyestuffs, in the textile industry, etc. It mproves considerably various wet fastness properties of dyeings / prints with Direct / Reactive dyes on cellulosic goods such as wash, water, perspiration, sea water.

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Aquarepel-XT is an aqueous fluorocarbon emulsion, which imparts durable water & oil stain repellent properties to natural fibres/fabrics i.e. cotton, rayon, wool & silk, synthetic fibres/fabric i.e. polyester, nylon, acrylic & their blends.

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Ardex X 7001

Ardex X 7001/Ardex X 7001W is a grey or white MICROTEC fibre reinforced rapid hardening and drying, flexible cement-based floor tile adhesive. It is ideal for fixing floor tiles to wood-based sheets and boards and other surfaces. The inclusion of the fibres reduces the possibility of the floor tiles cracking over board joints if movement of the timber occurs.

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Arkofil CS20

Arkofil CS20 is a cold sizing agent for cellulosic fibres and synthetic fibres, on their own or in blends, and viscose filaments.

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BINDER AFKLN is Nonionic based dying binder for pigment dying and printing.

Butyl Glycol

A colorless liquid with a mild, pleasant odor. Less dense than water. Flash point 160°F. Irritates skin and eyes and may be toxic by ingestion. Used as a solvent and to make paints and varnish.

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Cyclohexanol molecule is related to cyclohexane ring by replacement of one hydrogen atom by a hydroxyl group.This compound exists as a deliquescent colorless solid, which, when very pure, melts near room temperature.

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