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GAMA SOF NYS is a non-yellowing, low-foaming, hydrophilic softener specially developed for cellulosic knit goods. GAMA SOF NYS imparts a soft fluffy feel to cotton and its blends. It has an excellent lubricity. GAMA SOF NYS also improves sewing property.

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GAMA SOFT QT is a concentrated liquid cationic softener, comfortable with all finishing auxiliaries, can be blended with other finishing agents in promoters, can be diluted and formulated in various strength. GAMA SOFT QT is best suitable to optimization of finishing performance, good dispersion property and exhibits good softeners and handle.

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GAMA TEX MSD is a special demineralizing sequestrant in scouring and bleaching liquors with dispersing properties.

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HEMAVYL- WDX is a polyvinyl acetate dispersion used in imparting durables finishes with a firm handle on textile of all kinds. There is no loss of light fastness or yellowing of the finished fabrics.

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HS-ULTRAPHIL is an easy to use micro emulsion of modified Reactive Amino functional Polysiloxane. It is used to impart superior supple softness 100% Cotton, Hosiery while retaining the hydophilicity especially effective for Terry Towels, etc. The special features are it has permanent supple soft handle, it has silky smoothness, it leaves no residue or smell on the fabrics, it improves fabric physical properties, it retains hydrophillic nature and further has low yellowing.

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KAPPAVON 209 is a levelling and anti-frosting agent for continuous dyeing and printing of polyamide carpets and carpet yarns.

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KAPPAVON FCN is a special after-washing agent for dyed, pure polyester. It is also suitable for removal of oligomeres and can further be used as special cleaning agent for dyeing devices and dyeing applications.

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KEDEFOAM-SDF is a non-alcoholic agent silicone defoamer. KEDEFOAM-SDF maintain the quantity in the reaction bottle. KEDEFOAM-SDF product find wide applications in various sectors like dye manufacturing, textiles, paper and sugar.

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LyzerSpin SR

LyzerSpin SR is an excellent stain remover that can be used in jet dyeing operation for simultaneous dyeing & stain removal. It also prevents rope marks, acts as a defoamer & leveling agent during dyeing. At the end of dyeing operation it acts as a reduction clearing agent. LyzerSpin SR can also be used as effective stain remover either in scouring or peroxide or souring bath. It can also be applied by spotting & padding techniques.

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MIRASOFT–N confers softness and body to cellulosic fibres and their blends with synthetic fibres. It is most suitable for white goods. It produces a soft and supple handle, it imparts full soft handle without yellowing, therefore suitable for finishing of white goods, it can be applied by padding as well as exhaust method, it has no effect on the shade or light fastness of dyeing, it can be used in conjunction with all thermosetting resins.

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