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KAPPAVON FCN is a special after-washing agent for dyed, pure polyester. It is also suitable for removal of oligomeres and can further be used as special cleaning agent for dyeing devices and dyeing applications.

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KEDEFOAM-SDF is a non-alcoholic agent silicone defoamer. KEDEFOAM-SDF maintain the quantity in the reaction bottle. KEDEFOAM-SDF product find wide applications in various sectors like dye manufacturing, textiles, paper and sugar.

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LyzerSpin SR

LyzerSpin SR is an excellent stain remover that can be used in jet dyeing operation for simultaneous dyeing & stain removal. It also prevents rope marks, acts as a defoamer & leveling agent during dyeing. At the end of dyeing operation it acts as a reduction clearing agent. LyzerSpin SR can also be used as effective stain remover either in scouring or peroxide or souring bath. It can also be applied by spotting & padding techniques.

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MIRASOFT–N confers softness and body to cellulosic fibres and their blends with synthetic fibres. It is most suitable for white goods. It produces a soft and supple handle, it imparts full soft handle without yellowing, therefore suitable for finishing of white goods, it can be applied by padding as well as exhaust method, it has no effect on the shade or light fastness of dyeing, it can be used in conjunction with all thermosetting resins.

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Metrosoft CI

Metrosoft CI is used to soften the Cellulosic fibres and to improve the drape and hands of the fabrics.

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Monomer Acid

Used in producing alkyd resin coating, isomerism acid, isostearic acid-liquid c18 acid, cosmetics and medicine intermediate; also soaps and lubricants. The resin may be dissolved in a solvent to form a varnish, and as a component of printing inks, inks for lithographic or gravure printing.

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NEOPON MW 50 is a unique and excellent wetting agent with high solubility in concentrated aqueous solutions of caustic soda. It is an ideal wetting agent for mercerising. In the mercerisation of cotton fabrics or yarn, Neopon MW-50 is imperative that the mercerising liquor penetrates and is evenly distributed throughout the material, thus giving uniformity of lustre and finish. The material to be mercerised is in contact with the liquor only for a short period, and it is necessary that during this short duration, maximum penetration is obtained. The addition of a powerful alkali stable wetting agent to the mercerising liquor is therefore necessary for best results.

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Nonyl Phenol

Nonylphenol is a family of organic compounds, a subset of the alkylphenols. It is a useful precursor to certain detergents. These compounds are classified as a xenobiotic and are controversial pollutants. Alkylphenols are subjected to ethoxylation to give alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs), which are widely used as industrial surfactants. They are used in the processing of wool and metals, as emulsifiers for emulsion polymerization, as laboratory detergents, and as pesticides.

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OXXI.J PS500 is crypto anionic stain remover cum scouring agent for Polyester and its blends.

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OXXI.J WS100 is solvent based stain remover and scouring agent for Wool, Polyester and its blends.

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