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Sequamax CDM

Sequamax CDM is powerful chelating agent for removing iron and other hard ions from cotton substrate during acid demineralization process.

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Sequamax PND

Sequamax PND is a excellent chelating agent for pretreatment and dyeing process. Sequamax PND works over wide ph and temperature range. It is safe for almost all dyestuffs.

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Softex 3000E

Softex 3000E, highly concentrated product formulated with enzymes, are used for desizing of fabric. It is used to process previous to the Stone Wash.

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Sunprint SWP

Sunprint SWP is an excellent non stretchable highly opaque synthetic white ink for polyester, viscose, rayon, blend printing stable to carbonizing also as for value added printing style.

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Thickner 005

Thickner 005 is a new generation eco- friendly (Restricted Substances List compliant, viz. APEO free etc.) polymeric thickener for aqueous pigment printing.Thickner 005 latest version eliminates the blackish hue and dulling of the pigment prints.

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Thursnol OTL

Thursnol OTL is a wetting & rewetting agent used in textile industry to increase the water absorbing efficiency of the fabric. The features are it is fast and active wetting agent, it is low foaming, it improvise the wetting property, it has high stability in hard water, it has precise pH stability existing between 5 & 8 and further has quick fabric penetration. It is used for grey yarn dyeing, dispersing of dyes, pigment padding with vat colors, bleaching hosiery goods & fabrics and further for wetting knitted and woven fabrics.

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VIJIRSOFT RS is formulated softening agent that gives soft and smooth handle to finished goods. The special properties are it improves the crease recovery and abrasion resistance properties of the fabric, it is non-yellowing in character and can be applied in conjunction with optical whitener, it can be applied on natural and synthetic fibers by exhaust or padding process and further it has no adverse effect on shade of dye.

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VISP Polysol

VISP Polysol is a vinyl acetate homopolymer, specially designed for finishing of textile fabrics. The important properties are It has good compatibility with other finishing agents, it has low migration & good ratability, it has low volatility and further it can be diluted with water in the ratio of one to eight to ten times to get suitable.

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Vermasoft UL

Vermasoft UL is an acid cellulase used for bio polishing for denim.

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Zinc Acetate

Zinc acetate is the chemical compound with pearly-white crystals appearance.It is used as a catalyst in the production of polyesters, polyamides, polyether and vinyl acetate,used in the manufacture of acrylic emulsions, phenolic foam for thermal insulation.It also be used as a PVC blowing agent, a wood preservative, in textile dyeing, as well as in the waterproofing of textiles, paper and leather,antibiotics, insulin, creams and lotions and in mouth rinses.

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