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VIJIRSOFT RS is formulated softening agent that gives soft and smooth handle to finished goods. The special properties are it improves the crease recovery and abrasion resistance properties of the fabric, it is non-yellowing in character and can be applied in conjunction with optical whitener, it can be applied on natural and synthetic fibers by exhaust or padding process and further it has no adverse effect on shade of dye.

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VISP Polysol

VISP Polysol is a vinyl acetate homopolymer, specially designed for finishing of textile fabrics. The important properties are It has good compatibility with other finishing agents, it has low migration & good ratability, it has low volatility and further it can be diluted with water in the ratio of one to eight to ten times to get suitable.

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Vermasoft UL

Vermasoft UL is an acid cellulase used for bio polishing for denim.

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Zinc Acetate

Zinc acetate is the chemical compound with pearly-white crystals appearance.It is used as a catalyst in the production of polyesters, polyamides, polyether and vinyl acetate,used in the manufacture of acrylic emulsions, phenolic foam for thermal insulation.It also be used as a PVC blowing agent, a wood preservative, in textile dyeing, as well as in the waterproofing of textiles, paper and leather,antibiotics, insulin, creams and lotions and in mouth rinses.

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Zinc Sulfate

Zinc sulfate is the inorganic compound.It is used to supply zinc in animal feeds, fertilizers, and agricultural sprays,in making lithopone,in coagulation baths for rayon,in electrolyte for zinc plating,as a mordant in dyeing,as a preservative for skins and leather,and in medicine as an astringent and emitic.It is used as a catalyst in numerous chemical operations. In water treatment, Zinc Sulfate finds application as a corrosion inhibitor in cooling towers and municipal water systems. Zinc Sulfate also finds use in production of pigments, preservation and clarification of glue, in flame proofing compounds, as a mining flotation agent, in wood preservatives, in electro metallurgy and electro galvanizing.

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ABROSOFT-AOSF is cationic Non yellowing softener and protective agent against ozone fading for Denim articles and to protect indigo-dyed goods against ozone fading.

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ALCOFIN 2152P is an antistatic lubricant for textile spinning. ALCOFIN 2152P provides medium/high fibre-to-fibre static friction, with good inter- fiber cohesion and Scroopiness.


Accutex-100NF is extensively used on synthetic fibers and their blends. It gives very good surface smoothness together with inner softness and provides a non-greasy handle.Accutex-100NF is applicable for cellulosics and its blends by exhaust as well as padding method.

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Aquacid 1052P

Aquacid 1052P is a powder organophosphonate with multifunctional properties like sequestration of hardness salts and heavy metals, deflocculation, threshold inhibition and hydrolytic stability as a single active ingredient. It is used widely in detergents, I&I cleaners as a co-builder to control adverse effects of hardness salts and iron on cleaning performance. Its high threshold effect properties are useful in various water treatment applications. Aquacid 1052P is used widely in household laundry detergents, automatic dish wash products, I&I cleaners, boiler water treatment formulations, pool stain prevention, textile & leather auxiliaries, metal pre-treatment formulations.

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Aquacid 105EX

Aquacid 105 EX is an organophosphonate with multifunctional properties like sequestration of hardness salts and heavy metals, deflocculation, threshold inhibition and hydrolytic stability as a single active ingredient. Aquacid 105EX is widely used in industrial water treatment, textile auxiliaries, sugar mill anti-scalants, thermal and geo-thermal antiscalants, oil-field chemicals, reverse osmosis anti-scalants, detergents, industrial and institutional cleaners, soaps and personal care products etc.

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