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Aquacid 106EX

Aquacid 106EX is an organophosphonate exhibiting excellent metal ion sequestration at stoichiometric concentration and threshold inhibition of metal salt precipitation at sub-stoichiometric concentrations. It is used in Anti-scalant for oil field, Paper mills as a bleach stabilizer, metal ion control and brightness reversion control additive, reverse osmosis antiscalant formulations, metal pre-treatment formulations.

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Aquanone-FBSN is used during dyeing for removing hardness of water.It sequesters Calcium and magnesium impurities.Aquanone-FBSN is used in pretreatment stage controls catalytic decomposition due to heavy metal ions during bleaching stage.It effectively inactivates Heavy metal ions during dyeing / printing thereby minimizing shade variations & uneven dyeing print characteristics (i.e. leveling ) along with improved color yield thus improving reproducibility of the shades.

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Aquatex-CS-25 is extensively used in textile and garment industry to prevent static cling and make the fabric soft and in many others.It gives very good softness and body.Aquatex-CS-25 imparts antistatic effect and good lubricating property.

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Ardex-Flex Fl

Ardex-Flex Fl grout is suitable for grouting joints between porcelain, ceramic,natural stone and quarry tiles, as well as extruded tiles and glass blockwork.

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BANDOX-AS-400 is an acrylic emulsion for pigment printing with better fastness & softness.

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BANDOX-SKP200 is a stretchable Paste for print on Hosiery fabric. BANDOX-SKP200 gives elastomeric effect.

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Binder WT-400

Binder WT-400 is self cross-linking acrylic co-polymer emulsion. It gives soft and durable film properties. It has excellent thermal and mechanical stability, which gives it superior running properties.

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Binder WT-940

Binder WT-940 is a self, cross-linking and self-thickening acrylic emulsion having soft, durable film properties with excellent thermal and mechanical stability. Binder WT-940 is used mainly in the fields of Textile Flocking, Pearl Printing & Khadi Printing.Binder WT-940 being self cross-linking acrylic emulsion, catalyst is not needed to achieve durability to washing and dry cleaning.Binder WT-940 is used mainly for Pearl printing, Khadi printing & Flock printing.

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Biopolish 300

Biopolish 300 is a amylase enzyme used in the textile industry as enzymatic pile remover.

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Bismuth Oxide

LTS Chemical Inc a prominent Bismuth oxide supplier offers high-quality Bismuth oxide which is a yellow crystalline or powder and an important compound of bismuth element. Bismite mineral is the commonly found source of bismuth oxide. Commercially bismuth oxide manufactured from bismuth subnitrate. It is used as the raw material in the production of ceramics, and glass materials. Buy Bismuth oxide at the high quality and reasonable price prevailing in the industry.

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