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BANDOX-AS-400 is an acrylic emulsion for pigment printing with better fastness & softness.

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BANDOX-SKP200 is a stretchable Paste for print on Hosiery fabric. BANDOX-SKP200 gives elastomeric effect.

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Binder WT-400

Binder WT-400 is self cross-linking acrylic co-polymer emulsion. It gives soft and durable film properties. It has excellent thermal and mechanical stability, which gives it superior running properties.

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Binder WT-940

Binder WT-940 is a self, cross-linking and self-thickening acrylic emulsion having soft, durable film properties with excellent thermal and mechanical stability. Binder WT-940 is used mainly in the fields of Textile Flocking, Pearl Printing & Khadi Printing.Binder WT-940 being self cross-linking acrylic emulsion, catalyst is not needed to achieve durability to washing and dry cleaning.Binder WT-940 is used mainly for Pearl printing, Khadi printing & Flock printing.

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Biopolish 300

Biopolish 300 is a amylase enzyme used in the textile industry as enzymatic pile remover.

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Bismuth Oxide

LTS Chemical Inc a prominent Bismuth oxide supplier offers high-quality Bismuth oxide which is a yellow crystalline or powder and an important compound of bismuth element. Bismite mineral is the commonly found source of bismuth oxide. Commercially bismuth oxide manufactured from bismuth subnitrate. It is used as the raw material in the production of ceramics, and glass materials. Buy Bismuth oxide at the high quality and reasonable price prevailing in the industry.


CAMAMICRO ECN is a high performance binder for pigment printing. The features are it forms water resistant, resilient, clear & strong film, it has excellent re-emulsification properties, it enables to produce sharp & brighter prints, it has low viscosity & high active content, it has high resistance to mechanical shear, it has excellent thermal stability and further is eco-friendly.

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Crotonic Acid

Crotonic acid is a short-chain unsaturated carboxylic acid.It is used in organic synthesis, the manufacture of resins,pharmaceuticals.

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Cyclopentanol is a cyclic alcohol.It initiate the polymerization of isocyanates and epoxides.It is widely used in synthesis of pharmaceutical,agrochemical and fragrance Intermediates.

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DIKOLUBE-SL21 is a sizing lubricant cum softener/wax for sizing of cotton and its blends.

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