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Harshol Bloom

Harshol Bloom is a specially developed product to reduce uneven dyeing, bleeding ozone fading during wet processing. Harshol Bloom work as a catalyst here to reduce blooming. It reduces the extant of blooming only to the case where magnesium dye complex formation is the cause of blooming and cannot be expected to be effective when blooming is the result of other causes. In hard water is works as sequestering agent also.

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Hydrated Lime

Odorless white granules. Sinks in water.

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IDTEX POLY 45 is used for textile finishing, imparts body and stiffness to fabric.

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KAM KHADI (P) is used as an ready khadi for polyesters.

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KAMICRYL 5000 is an acrylic emulsion for conventional pigment printing with better dry and wet rub fastness.

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KEMIQUEST-600 is processed using excellent quality demonstrate ligands, ingredients and other chemical products, our chemicals are in tune with international quality standards. KEMIQUEST-600 is used for recombining of magnesium ions and calcium along with the other parts turn coloring agent towards the salt.

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Kam Khadi (N)

Kam Khadi (N) is used as an ready khadi for cotton.

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Kamicryl 6200

Kamicryl 6200 is an low foaming light coloured dispersant for inorganic pigments & clay in aqueous system.

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MIRASIZE–CE is a synthetic co-polymer, primarily developed as a special binding agent for warp sizing and is added to starch sizes. The benefits are it has increased binding action and film flexibility, it is suitable for polyester / cellulosic blends, it has good wetting and penetration of individual threads, at typical size bath concentrations and further it is easy to desize, since it is water soluble.

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Malononitrile is a nitrile compound.It is a suitable starting material for the Gewald reaction.It is an important building block for the syntheses of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyestuffs for color photography and synthetic fibers.

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