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Cyclopentanone is a colorless liquid organic compound with a peppermint-like odor. It is a cyclic ketone, structurally similar to cyclopentane, consisting of a five-membered ring containing a ketone functional group.

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DIKOSTIFF-4000 confers a durable full bodied resilient handle on cotton, synthetic and synthetic/cotton blended fabrics. It also improves resistance to thread slippage and pilling.

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Diethanolamine is an organic compound. This colorless liquid is polyfunctional, being a secondary amine and a diol. Like other organic amines, diethanolamine acts as a weak base. It is used as a surfactant and a corrosion inhibitor. It is used to remove hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from natural gas. Diethanolamides are common ingredients in cosmetics and shampoos added to confer a creamy texture and foaming action.

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Diethyl Ketone

Diethyl Ketone is used as a solvent and an intermediate in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, flavors and pesticides.

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Diphenyl Ether

Diphenyl Ether is used as a heat transfer medium.It is a starting material in the production of phenoxathiin via the Ferrario reaction. It is used widely in soap perfumes.It is also used as a processing aid in the production of polyesters.

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Ethyl Acrylate

Ethyl acrylate is an organic compound primarily used in the preparation of various polymers. It is a clear liquid with an acrid penetrating odor.Ethyl acrylate is used in the production of polymers including resins, plastics, rubber, and denture material.

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Ethyl Pyruvate

Ethyl pyruvate is a clear pale yellow liquid

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Gum Tragacanth

Gum tragacanth is used in incense making as a binder to hold all the powdered herbs together.It is used in veg-tanned leatherworking as an edge slicking and burnishing compound and is occasionally used as a stiffener in textiles.

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Liquid Glucose

Watery odorless colorless liquid. Denser than water and soluble in water. Hence sinks in and mixes with water.

Lithium Iodide

Lithium Iodide is a compound of lithium and iodine.It is used in cardiac pacemaker, watches, calculators,batteries.

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