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TRIOSIL MR 10T is a emulsion of PDMS. TRIOSIL MR 10T emulsion used in the manufacture of articles where quick clean and complete release of products from the mould or die is important. TRIOSIL MR 10T also works as finishing agent where only temporary suppleness is required.

WashTechs 7000

WashTechs 7000 is a formulated liquid desizing product containing amylase enzyme, wetting agent, detergent, emulsifier and dispersant.It is a highly effective desizing agent suitable for the removal of starch and synthetic polymer.

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WashTechs 7001

WashTechs 7001 is a ormulated liquid surfactant desize and scour agent that is highly recommended as a key desizing recipe component.It is a high performance product and is effective at low dosage rates.It may be used in formulae containing alfa-amylase enzyme preparations.

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WashTechs 7010

WashTechs 7010 is a liquid nonionic surfactant for use as wetting agent and detergent.It is highly concentrated and is used at very low dosage rates.

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WashTechs 7015

WashTechs 7015 is a liquid nonionic surfactant for use as and indigo dye dispersant.It is effective in reducing indigo back staining of garments.

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WashTechs 7050

WashTechs 7050 is a highly concentrated liquid thermo stable amylase enzyme use as a desizing agent in garment wet processing.It provides for optimum desize performance for starch.

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WashTechs 7100

WashTechs 7100 is a high concentrated liquid conventional non-buffered acid cellulase enzyme preparation.It provides optimum abrasion in a short cycle time.

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WashTechs 7105

WashTechs 7105 is a high concentrated liquid engineered non-buffered acid cellulase enzyme and surfactant preparation. It provides optimum abrasion performance in a short cycle time. It is highly recommended for use as an abrasion agent for indigo denim. It lends a high contrast appearance and gray shade to denim garments.

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WashTechs 7115

WashTechs 7115 is a concentrated powder conventional acid cellulase preparation.It is highly recommended to formulators desiring to produce ready to use acid cellulase preparations.It is very aggressive and yields a conventional acid cellulase type appearance.

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