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WashTechs 7215

WashTechs 7215 is a combination product containing an indigo specific color reducer and buffering agents.It is highly recommended for use after the denim abrasion process to reduce color and enhance the abrasion appearance and contrast.WashTechs 7215 exhibits no negative effects on garment tear and tensile strength.

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WashTechs 7220

WashTechs 7220 is a medium foaming liquid surfactant blend formulated for use as a wetting agent and detergent in garment wet processing. It provides optimum detergency performance for desize, abrasion and clean up baths.

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WashTechs 7300

WashTechs 7300 is a hindered amine type amino functional silicone softener providing a luxurious hand to garments.

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WashTechs 7305

WashTechs 7305 is an economical organic cationic softener.It lends a silky cationic type hand to garments. It is highly recommended for indigo denim garments.

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WashTechs 7320

WashTechs 7320 is an economical polyethylene type softener ideal for indigo denim garments. WashTechs 7320 lends smoothness and abrasion resistance and enhances tear strength.

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WashTechs 7330

WashTechs 7330 is a ready to use anti ozonate type softener lending good hand, excellent resistance to ozone fading and good light fastness. It is also available as a solid concentrate.

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WashTechs 7340

WashTechs 7340 is a high performance fixing agent suitable for use at ambient temperature.It is recommended to enhance fixation of indigo dye. It may also be applied in the desize bath.

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WashTechs 7350

WashTechs 7350 is a high performance soil and stain release fluorochemical product recommended for the treatment of garments.

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WashTechs 7400

WashTechs 7400 is a high molecular weight polyacrylamide emulsion based lubricant to minimize streaks and cracks on garments during desizing.

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WashTechs 7405

WashTechs 7405 is a 100% active nonionic ester based desize lubricant. It is recommended to minimize streaks and cracks on garments. It can be used in polar desize baths without complications.

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