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Spirozyme NE100

Spirozyme NE100 is a liquid neutral cellulase enzyme. It is suitable for bio polishing of yarn dyed fabric.

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Stiff Finish RR

Stiff Finish RR is highly demanded in various textile industries as it provides stiff finish and lustrous appeal to the fabrics. Stiff Finish RR is duly tested on various parameters before making the final dispatch to the clients end.

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TANA ZYM LTC 02 is a robust and highly effective enzymatic desizing agent with wetting and scouring components for cellulosics and its blends used in pre-treatment of textiles. It is eEffective over a wide pH range (4-9.5) and suitable for common procedures at high and low temperatures.

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Tetrahydrofuran is a heterocyclic compound. As one of the most polar ethers with a wide liquid range, it is a useful solvent. Its main use, however, is as a precursor to polymers. Tetrahydrofuran has an odor similar to its chemical cousin, diethyl ether, but is a much less potent anesthetic than diethyl ether.

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Tetrahydropyran, or oxane, is the organic compound consisting of a saturated six-membered ring containing five carbon atoms and one oxygen atom.

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Tributyl Borate

Tributyl Borate is used as a solvent or catalyst for the production of resins, waxes, paints and varnishes. It is used as a chemical intermediate in organic reaction. It is used in welding fluxes and as a component of flame-retardant for textile.

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Triethyl Borate

Triethyl borate is an ester of boric acid and ethanol.It is used as a solvent or catalyst in preparation of synthetic waxes, resins, paints, and varnishes. It is used as a component of some flame retardants in textile industry and of some welding fluxes.

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WashTechs Tints

WashTechs Tints is available in black, rust, yellow, khaki and blue.It is ideal for tinting abraded denim fabrics to produce a unique appearance.

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YOGEE-SIEKO III is a highly concentrated silicon Emulsion made for synthetic man made fibre and cotton Garment fabric. YOGEE-SIEKO III is an effective products for man made fibres such as Polyamide, Polyster, Acrylic, Viscose and cotton etc.

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Benzyl chloride is an organic compound. This colourless liquid is a reactive organochlorine compound that is a widely used chemical building block. Industrially, benzyl chloride is the precursor to benzyl esters which are used as plasticizer, flavorants, and perfumes.

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