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SYNKROSOFT - CWS is a superior Polyamide cationic softener flakes for all fibres.

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SYNKROSOFT - ECO is an amphoteric Softener for all type of fabrics.

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SYNKROSOFT - NLS is a non Ionic liquid softener for Whites.

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SYNTALLOW-PS-251 is a sizing lubricant cum softener/wax for sizing of cotton and its blends.

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Sizing Chemicals

Sizing Chemicals product may be used in conjunction with starch and starch derivatives for the sizing of cotton, polyester / cotton, polyester / rayon and other blended yarns to be woven on high speed weaving machines. It may be also be used to replace polyvinyl alcohol in warp sizing formulations.

Sodium Molybdate

Sodium Molybdate is useful as a source of molybdenum. The agriculture industry uses sodium molybdate 1 million pounds per year as a fertilizer. It is also used in the treatment of whiptail in broccoli and cauliflower in molybdenum-deficient soils,as a metal corrosion inhibitor, descaling agents, bleaching agents and skin and hair to promote the protection agent,as a analytical reagent for determination of alkaloids, dyes and pharmaceutical industry,in the manufacture of alkaloids, ink, fertilizers, molybdenum red pigment, and light fastness pigment precipitation agent, catalyst, molybdenum salt can also be used to make flame retardants and metal pollution-free chiller system inhibitor, also used as zinc, polishing agents and chemical reagents

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Sodium Tungstate

Sodium Tungstate a tungstate of sodium, is useful as a source of tungsten. It is prepared from tungsten ores used to manufacture tungsten by reducing.It is used as catalyst for epoxidation of alkenes and oxidation of alcohols into aldehydes or ketones.It is also used for treatment of diabetes in animal. It is also used in the dye and textile industry,intermediate in preparation of tungsten compounds, fire proofing fabrics & cellulose, alkaloid precipitant.

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TEXCARE FIXATIVE is a dye fixing agent for dark shades garments.

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TEXCARE ZIPTREAT is a anti Corrisive & anti tarnishing agent for metal fixtures in garment processing.

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Thickener KWT-60

Thickener KWT-60 is an acid-containing cross-linked Acrylic emulsion co-polymer. Thickener KWT-60 being a Poly acrylic thickener gives superior performance than conventional thickener like CMC, HEC. Storage stability of paint with Thickener KWT-60 is much superior that CMC or HEC.It is frequently possible to incorporate Thickener KWT-60 directly into the system to be thickened without pre-neutralization. This avoids handling a viscous thickener solution. Thickener KWT-60 fully neutralizes at a pH 8.0 approximately.Thickener KWT-60 is also useful for viscosity adjustment of emulsion and latex compounds of many types.

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