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Hydroxylamine Sulfate

Hydroxylamine sulfate is the sulfuric acid salt of hydroxylamine. It is used in organic synthesis to convert aldehydes and ketones to oximes, carboxylic acids and their derivatives to hydroxamic acids, isocyanates to N-hydroxyureas and nitriles to amidoximes. It is also used to generate hydroxylamine-O-sulfonic acid from oleum or chlorosulfuric acid. It is used in the production of anti-skinning agents, pharmaceuticals, rubber, textiles, plastics and detergents. It is a starting material for some insecticides, herbicides and growth regulators. It is used in photography as a stabiliser for colour developers and as an additive in photographic emulsions in colour film.

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Iodobenzene Diacetate

[acetyloxy(phenyl)-λ3-iodanyl] acetate

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Isobutyl Methacrylate

Isobutyl Methacrylate is a base material for coatings and adhesives. It is used in resins, solvent, coatings, adhesives, oil additives, dental products, textile emulsions, leather and paper finishing.

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Kirabind Adhesive KJP

Kirabind Adhesive KJP is a binder and is free from Azo, formaldehyde, phthalates, heavy metals, PVC, organo tin compound. It is widely used in textile printing industries. The features are it has high efficacy, it is non toxic and further it has accurate composition.

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Methane Sulfonic Acid

Methanesulfonic acid is a colorless liquid.It is the simplest of the alkylsulfonic acids.It is used in the generation of borane.It is also used in hard surface cleaning and removal of lime and metallic (iron) scales.

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Methoxypropyl Acetate

Methoxypropyl acetate is a clear, slightly hygroscopic liquid with a mild odour. It is freely miscible with most common organic solvents, but has only limited miscibility with water.


2-Piperidone, a keto-hydropyridine, is a 6-membered lactam structure compound (delta-valerolactam). Lactam structure compounds including delta-valerolactam are good organic solvents soluble in water. Cyclic amides and analogues including N-alkyl lactams are biologically active nucleuses in pharmacologicals and flavorings. Lactams are widely used in artificial fibre industry. They are polymerizable and used as nylon precursors. They have excellent applications as solvents and as intermediates for organic synthesis. They are used in the aqueous carrier medium and amide penetrants in inks and water soluble paints. 4-Piperidone, a cyclic amide with ketone at para position, and its N-alkyl substituted derivatives are used in:

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NATUROFEEL K, MAB 200 is a superior hydrophilic softener imparting soft, supple and fluffy feel to cotton fabrics and terry towels.

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NATUROFEEL K, SLC 100 is a modified silicon hydrophilic softener suitable for all fibres that have to remain absorbent.

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