Textile industry thickeners holds printing stuffs onto textile fabrics



KAMICRYL-5360 is a crosslinked acrylic copolymer. It keeps pigment and filler in suspension and prevents sedimentation.

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APAN GUM CMT-8 is a textile printing thickener specially developed for printing on polyester with disperse dyestuffs followed by superheated steam fixation (170-180oC). This thickener is also suitable for the thermosol process. It is not recommended for premetalised and acid dyes.APAN GUM CMT-8 displays excellent stability in presence of auxiliaries usually used in printing on synthetic except bi-or trivalent metallic salts. The thickener is compatible with disperse dyestuffs as well as with anionic and non-ionic products.APAN GUM CMT-8 is specially suitable for the rotary printing process, due to its high-grade purity. The excellent flow properties of APAN GUM CMT-8 paste meet all the requirements of the different printing machines.

Alco Print PTF

Alco Print PTF is a textile thickener which is extensively used as a substitute for kerosene in pigment paste formulation, as a thickener in water base formulation in textile printing, water base acrylic thickener etc.

ApanGum CMG-30

ApanGum CMG-30 a Carbomethylated derivative of Guar, is a thickening agent especially suitable for the textile industry extracted from the endosperm of the seed of the guar plant (Cyampopsis tetragonoloba) and modified. It is fine yellow coloured powder and additive specially suitable for continous / random dyeing of Carpets and for space printing yarns. ApanGum CMG-30 is a universally applicable textile printing thickener suited for printing on polyester, polamide, polyacetate, acetate, tricetate as well as printing on wool and silk. This thickener is suitable for direct printing on PES, PA , PC, acetate and tricetate fibre fabrics.ApanGum CMG-30 can also be used for printing with reactive dyes (mono-functional) on cellulosic fabrics. Experience has shown that ApanGum CMG-30 reacts with some reactive dyes and could lead to a harsh hand. This can be minimized considerably by blending ApanGum CMG-30 with alginate, for example in the ratio of 70/30 or 50/50. it is therefore necessary to make preliminary trials. This thickener in combination with starch ether is also recommended for colour and white discharge printing with vat dyes on cellulose fabrics.ApanGum CMG-30 posses excellent running properties in flat-bed, rotary and roller screen printing. This product is proved suitable with a variety of dyestuffs normally used for synthetic fabric such as dispersed, acid and premetallised dyestuffs.ApanGum CMG-30 displays excellent stability in presence of auxiliary usually applied in printing on synthetic. This product is compatible with anionic and non-ionic products.


ORGACLEAR P 200 is an APEO free, high quality, high concentration thickener for pigment printing on natural and synthetic fabrics, cotton, rayon, polyester with excellent color yield. It is suitable for thickening pigment printing paste as well as for printing on cotton, polyester-cotton and all synthetic textiles.

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Poly Thick 5000

Poly Thick 5000 is used as a thickener in water base formulation in textile printing, water base acrylic thickener etc.


VISCOLAM PS 202 is a polytether polyurethane thickener. It is a newtonian rheology modifier with excellent flow and leveling, gloss development. VISCOLAM PS 202 is stable over a wide range of pH.

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Thickener KWT-60

Thickener KWT-60 is an acid-containing cross-linked Acrylic emulsion co-polymer. Thickener KWT-60 being a Poly acrylic thickener gives superior performance than conventional thickener like CMC, HEC. Storage stability of paint with Thickener KWT-60 is much superior that CMC or HEC.It is frequently possible to incorporate Thickener KWT-60 directly into the system to be thickened without pre-neutralization. This avoids handling a viscous thickener solution. Thickener KWT-60 fully neutralizes at a pH 8.0 approximately.Thickener KWT-60 is also useful for viscosity adjustment of emulsion and latex compounds of many types.

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INDREZ-HTA Series is recommended and best suited for PES Direct printing. Specially developed where fixation is done by high temperature steaming.

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RUCO-COAT TH 5000 is suitable for fluorocarbon water-repellent coatings, electrolytes.

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