Veterinary Medicine prevents, treat diseases in domestic, wild animals


povidone iodine - powder A.C.S.

Synonyms : PVP-I; 2-Pyrrolidinone, 1-ethenyl-,homopolymer,compd. with iodine. 
1-Vinyl-2-pyrrolidinone polymers iodine complex

Classification : Antiseptics and Disinfectants 
Molecular Formula : (C6H9NO)n . xI

Molecular Weight : 364.95g/mol
Registry Number : 25655-41-8

compound feed additives Bacillus subtilis

Veterinary medicine GMP certificate number:(2015Shou Yao Zi GMPZheng Zi15005Hao

Production license number:Lu Si Tian(2017)H01425

Executive standard:Q/370112JMS001-2015


compound feed additives Bacillus subtilis

Stability advantage

Antibiotics series products manufactured by JianMu,shelf life can be 2 years

long,the purity wont lower at any time you test during its shelf life time.

Veterinary medicine name

common name:compound feed additive Bacillus subtilis

commodity name:Jian KangYuan

Main ingredients:Bacillus subtilis  

Product component analysis guarantee value

Bacillus subtilis,CFU/g




Aflatoxin B1,μg/kg


As,(as for total As),mg/kg


Pb,(as for Pb),mg/kg


Fluorine,(as for F),mg/kg


Hg,(as for Hg),mg/kg


Cd,(as for Cd),mg/kg


Mixed bacteria rate,%


Coliform, number/kg


Mold counting,number/kg




Pathogenic bacteria(intestinal pathogenic bacteria or pathogenic coccus)

can’t be detected


 Bacillus subtilis,zeolite powder, diatomite,glucose

Sensory index

 Taupe or grayish-white powder,no gone mouldy,agglomerated and no peculiar smell

 or foreign odor

Instructions for use

 Functions:This product is a mixed microorganism additive,which can be widely used

 in pigs, cattle, sheep, chicken(both meat and eggs kinds), duck, goose, rabbit, pigeon

 and other animals,whole life use is available.After colonized in gut, bacillus subtilis

 can produce a variety of digestive enzymes and vitamins,also can promote the

 growth of the intestinal beneficial bacteria (anaerobic bacteria) by means of

 biological oxygen consumption mechanism,in this way the healthy intestinal flora  

 can be recovered, digestion absorption and feed conversion rate also can be

 improved.This product is available for export farming group use.

Advised dosage

 Mixed evenly in concentrated feed or daily ration, the added quantity is 0.1% ~ 0.2%

 of daily ration.


 (1)During the use period,the animal immune procedure, health and epidemic

 prevention work should be continued normally , if mildew occurred, please stop


 (2) Mix the ingredients evenly.

Gross weight:500g/bag

Package:500g*30bags per carton

Shelf life:18 months under good store condition

Storage condition and method:Kept in the ventilated,cool, dry and pollution-free places,avoid pollution

Shandong Jianmu Biological Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

Dinitro Ortho Toluamide Bp VET Technical Above 98%

Appearance Cream to light tan powder
Solubility soluble in 100 parts of Ethanol
Melting Point 177-181 °C(lit.)
Assay 98.0% Min.



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