Viscosifiers used drilling fluids increases viscosity, reduces water loss



BRINE-VIS-XHT is a unique concentrated liquid brine viscosifier for high temperatures up to 320°F/160°C.

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SOL Bentonite

SOL Bentonite is used as a weighting agent. It can also be used as a viscosifier and filtration control agent in all water based muds in oil drilling.

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SOL PAC PG-LV is an poly anionic cellulose pure grade with low viscosity, cream colored free flowing powder free from extraneous impurities. It is used as filtration controller for water based drilling fluids to the extent that an even small quantity of the same maintains excellent fluid loss control.


SOL PAC TG-LV poly anionic Cellulose technical grade with Low viscosity and it is free from extraneous impurities. It is a high quality polymer used to provide viscosity and filtration control for water based drilling fluids to the extent that an even small quantity of the same maintains excellent fluid loss control.

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CELLOSIZE Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

CELLOSIZE Hydroxyethyl Cellulose is a nonionic, water-soluble polymer that can thicken, suspend, bind, emulsify, form films, stabilize, disperse, retain water, and provide protective colloid action. It is readily soluble in hot or cold water and can be used to prepare solutions with a wide range of viscosities. It has outstanding tolerance for dissolved electrolytes. It is a viscosifier in workover and completion fluids. It helps provide clear, low-solid fluids that impart minimum formation damage. As a thickener for spray emulsions, CELLOSIZE Hydroxyethyl Cellulose reduces drift and permits more efficient spray directly on foliage. It is an effective film-former, binder, thickener, stabilizer, and dispersant in shampoos, hair sprays, neutralizers, creams and lotions. CELLOSIZE Hydroxyethyl Cellulose is a useful gloss and ink hold-out size for paper and paperboard.

sodium carboxy methyl cellulose Purified

Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose is a natural polymer with wide application.


CMC  is white or slightly yellowish fibrous powder, or white powder in appearance. It is odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, easily soluble in cold or hot water to form colloid and the solution is neutral or slightly alkaline. Sodium carboxymethyl Cellulose's aqueous solution has many excellent properties such as film-former, thickening, dispersing, suspending, adhesive, colloid protecting and water-retaining.


Due to its properties , CMC has widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, toothpaste, papermaking, oil drilling muds, textile chemicals, paint and construction, ceramic glaze, detergent, personal and skin care products, battery, welding electrode, iron ore pelletized, wall paper adhesives, etc..


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