Buy viscosity reducers used in sugarcane syrups, reduces viscosity, improves boiling efficiency



OMNICORP 4025 helps in improving centrifugation efficiency and sugar colour; better exhaustion of molasses; reduction of sugar losses & improving recovery. By reducing surface tension, OMNICORP 4025 improves boiling efficiency, crystallisation, centrifugation and exhaustion of molasses, resulting in improved sugar crystals and sugar recovery. This improves fluidity, reduces boiling time and improves circulation.

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VISCOLESS 851 is used as viscosity reducer.

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Viscocent M30

Viscocent M30 is a viscosity reducer pan aid. It is an effective polymeric liquid scale inhibitor used to inhibit formation of scale in evaporators.

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Vistreat 5014

Vistreat 5014 is a remarkable polymer based viscosity reducer, which increases fluidity and reduces the viscosity of the massecuites and purging time.It improves recovery.

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Vistreat 5023H

Vistreat 5023H is oil based surfactant viscosity reducer. It is a remarkable surfactant which reduces the viscosity and fluidity of massecuite. It is prepared by using latest technology for highly viscous C-M/C. It reduces viscosity and improves exhaustibility of molasses and shortens pan boiling time. Vistreat 5023H is completely soluble in massecuite and water and it reduces massecuite boiling time and increases massecuite purity by reducing intermolecular friction and viscosity and thus reduces the molasses purity.

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Tacelene Chem 4006

Tacelene Chem 4006 is high molecular weight anionic flocculants completely soluble in water. This flocculant has been developed to improve the settling characteristics of lime dificated juices and enhance the filtration characteristics of the resulting mud.


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