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Ammonium Benzoate

Ammonium Benzoate is the ammonium salt of benzoic acid.It may be formed by reacting benzoic acid with liquid ammonia.It is commonly used as industrial preservative for paper wrappers, agent for reducing curing time in vulcanization of rubber, expectorant for chronic bronchitis, analytical reagent for various elements.

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Vulkacit Thiuram/C

Vulkacit Thiuram/C widely used in the rubber industry which requires the use of vulcanization accelerators .

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Carbon Tetrabromide

Carbon tetrabromide is a carbon bromide. It is used as a solvent for greases, waxes and oils, in plastic and rubber industry for blowing and vulcanization, further for polymerization, as a sedative and as an intermediate in manufacturing agrochemicals. Due to its non-flammability it is used as an ingredient in fire resistant chemicals. It is also used for separating minerals because of its high density.

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Disulfur Dichloride

Disulfur dichloride is a chemical compound. It has been used to introduce C-S bonds. It is also used to prepare the sulfur mustard "gas" by reaction with ethylene. Other uses include manufacturing sulfur dyes, insecticides, synthetic rubbers. Also used in cold vulcanization of rubbers, as polymerization catalyst for vegetable oils and for hardening soft woods.

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polymeric dispersion

Pre-Dispersed Polymer Bound accelerator ETU(NA-22)-75 Company Information Weihai Tianyu New Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd We are the WORLD LARGEST MANFUACTURE OF DTDM, and annual output is more than 4000 tons. We also have more than 10000 tons per year output in Pre-dispersed polymer bound chemicals, and we are the leading company in this industry. High-quality products, enthusiastic service, the credibility of the noble, and sincere cooperation, make the company win a well-known, wide range of praise and favor in this industry. Our advantage: 1.Clean product technology 2.Dust free 3.Stable in storage 4.ISO9001, IS14001 certificated. Product Description Product Name: Rubber Auxiliary vulcanizing agent ETU(NA-22)-80 Brand Name: Tianyu Classification: Chemical Auxiliary Agent Usage: Rubber Auxiliary Accelerator Place of Origin: Shandong, China(Mainland) Standard or Non-standard: Standard Specifications of Rubber auxiliary vulcanizing agent ETU(NA-22)-80 1) Appearance: grey white granules 2) Density(g/cm3): approx 1.15 3) Product standard: GB/T 24001-2004 ISO 14001:2004 4) Dosage: 0.1-2.0 phr 5) Composition: A homogeneous mixture N,N?-Ethylene Thiourea and polymeric binder at 80/20 ratio. 6) Certification: ISO9001,ISO14001 7) Mooney viscosity:Approx 50 8) Expirationdate:1-2 years Packaging & Shipping 1) Packing Detail: 25Kg/Bag. Carton box with polyethylene bag liner. 2) Delivery Detail: Within two weeks. According to the quantity of your order. 3) Minimum Order Quantity: 1Metric ton, according to the request of the customer. 4) Supply Ability: 10000 Metric Tons per Year. 5) Payment Terms: L/C,T/T. Certifications REACH, ISO9001. ISO14001 Our Services Our Main Products: DTDM / rubber adhesive RE / powder(cream) release agent / MBT(M)-80 / MBTS(DM)-80 / CBS(CZ)-80 / TBBS(NS)-75 / TBBS(NS)-80 / TMTD(TT)-75 / TMTD(TT)-80 / ETU-80 / DPG(D)-80 / ZDEC-80 / ZDBC-80 / R-80 / HEXA(H)-80 / ZnO-80 / PVI(CTP)-75 / PVI(CTP)-80 / S-80 / DTDM-80 etc. Thank you for your attention. Please contact fordli@cn-tianyu(dot)com directly for any product inquiry.

2-Cyanoethyl Acrylate

Polar acrylate ester used in a wide range of applications including photocurable resists for liquid crystal devices, photocurable polymer insulators for multilayer circuitry, electroluminescent products, graft polymers for controlled diffusion, vulcanization of rubbers and as an adhesion promoter.

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60% Sulphur Dispersion

60% Sulphur Dispersion is used as primary vulcanising agent.It is suitable for latex dipping applications.

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