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Vulkacit Cz/Eg-C

Vulkacit Cz/Eg-C is widely used in the rubber industry, which requires the use of vulcanization accelerators . In many cases, accelerators are combined to supply optimal processing and physical properties.

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Vulkacit D/Eg-C

Vulkacit D/Eg-C common accelerators for the vulcanization of rubber .It is used as a complexing agent for the detection of metals and organic bases. It is used as a secondary foam stabilizer in the silicoflouride foam process.

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Vulkacit DZ/EG-C

Vulkacit DZ/EG-C is used as antioxidant for polymers,vulcanizing accelerator.

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Vulkacit Ldb/C

Vulkacit Ldb/C is widely used in the rubber industry, It is a fast accelerators giving a very broad plateau and good aging resistance.

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