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Vulkacit Merkapto/Mg-C

Vulkacit Merkapto/Mg-C is a mercapto accelerators which are fast accelerators giving a very broad plateau and good aging resistance.

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Vulkacit Thiuram/C

Vulkacit Thiuram/C widely used in the rubber industry which requires the use of vulcanization accelerators .

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Vulkacit ZM-W

Vulkacit ZM-W is used in tread, side walls , auto tubes, carcass, tires and in manufacturing of antibiotics, auxiliaries.

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WP is a vulcanized vegetable oil based on modified castor oil designed for extremely high vulcanization temperatures for various elastomers. It is free of chlorine and sulfur, and suitable for transparent articles.Used for molded and extruded articles, erasers.

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White Factice Technical <99%

We are the manufacturer, exporter, trader and supplier of White Factice. It is widely accepted / approved by large ISO certified industries in India and consumers all over the world.

White Factice is commonly used by manufactures Pencil Tip Rubber Erasers, Ink Rubber Erasers, Rubber Processing Aid,Polymers, Grinding roll compounds, Rollers Gaskets, Rubber Sheeting Product,Rubber Calendared Product, Rubber Diluents, Rubber mats, molded and extruded articles, Better Polishing Compound.

Company manufactures following chemicals based on Chlorine & Sulphur.
Sulphur Monochloride and Sulphur Dichloride:  These Chemicals are hazardous chemical, so adequate care is taken in maintaining total environmental safety control while manufacturing the same.

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