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Sodium Permanganate 40% solution Purified 40%

purple liquid. A density of 1.36 ~ 1.39 g / cm3, soluble in water, ethanol and ether, soluble in liquid ammonia. Decomposition in alkali. Strong oxidizing. And chemical properties similar to potassium permanganate.
Purposes: as oxidants, disinfectants, fungicides and phosphorous antidotes. Toluene is also used to manufacture saccharin, o-toluene sulfonamide and organic synthesis and purification of phenol wastewater treatment. Can be used for circuit boards, metal surface cleaning, the conductive film cleaning to remove grease, electrolytic manganese dioxide, chemical fiber finishing, electroplating addition to hydrogen sulfide and other odors, as well as water treatment and so on.
Packaging and storage: Industrial Pails barrel, net weight 25kg plastic drum, 250kg steel-plastic composite barrels, 1250kg IBC barrels packaging. Store in a cool dry place.
Quality Standard: enterprise standard Q / GDHX 1-2011.

potassium permanganate Industrial Grade 99.4%

Category: potassium permanganate
Manufacturer / origin: Guangdong Hang Xin Technologies AG
Product Grade: Industrial grade
Content: 99.4%
Implementation of quality standards: GB / T1608-2017,  BP2000
CAS: 7722-64-7
Brand: Navigation
Molecular formula: KmnO4
Molecular Weight: 158.03


Traits: dark purple, metallic luster granular, needle-like crystal or quicksand. Dissolved in water, the solution was purple. It is a strong oxidizing agent. Sweet and astringent. Dust irritating.


Uses: mainly used in light industry, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, environmental protection, agriculture, oil, aquaculture, also apply to preservatives, disinfectants and oxidizing agents in the pharmaceutical industry and the like. Oxidants such as sugar, vitamins, isoniazid and other products; starch, fabric, fat bleaching agent; gas absorber; water purification agents. As a preservative and disinfectant medicine.


Packaging and storage: net weight 25kg plastic drum, 50kg galvanized iron drum lined with polyethylene plastic film bag. Store in a cool dry place.
Quality standards: the implementation of GB / T1608-2017,  British Pharmacopoeia BP2000 Standard Edition.

Water treatment grade Aluminum Chlorohydrate ACH

Water treatment grade as drinking water purification and treatment Aluminum Chlorohydrate ACH CAS:12042-91-0 HS NO.: 3824909990 EINECS No.: 234-933-1 CHEMICAL FORMULA?[Al2(OH)nCl6-n.xH2O]m(m?10, n=1-5) APPLICATION?As flocculant in municipal water, drinking water purification and treatment as well as in urban sewage and industrial waste water?also in paper industry, casting, printing ect. DESCRIPTION?Inorganic macromolecular compound; colorless , specific gravity is 1.33-1.35g/ml(20?),its solution shows colorless and transparent liquid; easily dissolved in water, with corrosion. IDENTIFICATION?The liquid binds HCL from Nitric solution?The solid action AL from HCL solution Product Name:Aluminum Chlorohydrate?Water treatment grade? Reference standard:USP-34 Package: 250kg/PE drum?IBC?flexibletank Items Specifications Results Appearance Colorless and transparent liquid Colorless and transparent liquid Alumina(Al2O3) % 23-24 23.52 Chlorides(Cl) % 7.9-8.4 8.27 Atomic ratio(Al:Cl) 1.90:1~2.10:1 1.98:1 Basicity % ?82 83 Sulfate (SO42-) ppm ?250 Not detected Iron?Fe? ppm ?100 ?70 Arsenic ppm ?2 ?2 Heavy metals % ?0.001 ?0.001 Specific Gravity g/ml 1.330-1.350 1.336 PH value(30%aqueous) % 4.0-4.4 4.2 Light transmittance(30%aqueous)% ?90 95 Conclusion: This product conforms to the requirements of USP-34 Specification.

Hypersperse MSI 310 ( Antiscalant/Antifoulant )

Hypersperse* MSI310 is a highly effective liquidanti-scalant/antifoulant specifically designed forsilica scale. Hypersperse MSI310 includes a proprietaryGE polymer which is uniquely effective in pretreatingsilica scale
Effectively controls scales including silica, calciumcarbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate,and strontium sulfate.

Certified for use in producing potable water(Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60)

calcium hypochlorite technical 34-70% Purified 65-70%




Calcium Hypochlorite

CAS No.:

7778-54-3 Calcium Hypochlorite

Other Names:

Bleaching Powder




231-908-7 Calcium Hypochlorite

Place of Origin:

Esfahan , Iran

Grade Standard:

Agriculture Grade, Food Grade, Industrial Grade


65%, 70%


White Granular



1) Water treatment agent: for drinking water, swimming pool and wasted water


2) Bleaching agent: for paper pulp, wood pulp, cotton, hemp, starch, silk, cloth ,textile and chemical fibers.


3) Bactericide: for drinking water, epidemic area, fishing ponds, livestock places


4) Disinfection: for hotel, hospital and bath room, etc


5) Other: cleaning agent for fruits and vegetables, anti-shrinkage treatment for wool, chlorinating agent for rubbersBrand



White or Light Grey


Chlorine Like Odor


Granular, 1-500g Tablet


GB/T 10666-2008

Shelf Life:

3 Years



Nirou Chlor


ISO 9001:2008

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

40KG Round Drum, 21.76MT/544Drum/20'GP; 
45KG Round Drum, 24.48MT/544Drum/20'GP; 
45KG Tetrahedron Drum, 20.25MT/450Drum/20'GP; 

Delivery Time



1) High effective chlorine content;
2) Good stability. Can be stored a long time at normal temperature with little chlorine loss;
3) Good solubility, less water-insoluble matters.



Keep in dry, cool and ventilating place, avoid insolation, far away from fire and heat. Do not mix with organic substance, acid and reluctant.


Ca(OCl)2: Min 65% W/W 

NaCl: Max 20% W/W  

 Insoluble In Water: Max 7% W/W 

 Moisture: Max 6% W/W 

 Fe: Max 100 ppm 

 Heavy metals: Max 0.5 ppm 

 Remaining On Mesh 425mic: Min 75% W/W 

 Remaining On Mesh 2mm: Max 20% W/W 



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