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BakWira OR

BakWira OR is a highly specialised combination of bacterial cultures, enzymes and biodegradable surfactants specifically and carefully selected to handle intolerable nuisance odor such as H2S , ammonia, etc. in open tanks, ponds, lagoons and ditches.

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Bakwira FM

Bakwira FM is a highly specialised combination of bacterial cultures specifically selected and adapted to degrade a wide range of organic waste. This product has been used successfully in palm oil refineries, soy bean refineries, dairy products, breweries, chemical plants, food and beverages processing plants and etc. It is proven to be effective to overcome a variety of problems such as periods of high influent loading, system start-up after mill shutdown, and unfavourable temperature conditions. This product is used to achieve consistent effluents with widely ranging influent organic levels, improve settleability of biological solids, reduces surcharges, correct low or inconsistent MLVSS numbers, control foam production from partially degraded organics and alter biomass dynamics gradually shifting towards a superior population.

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Biobloc 35

Biobloc 35 contains specialty penetrants and surfactants that loosen and liquefy heavy grease deposits, thereby assisting in their biodegradation.

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Briquetted activated carbons

Briquette Activated Carbon        GC-CBG-830/1240                   Product     Size: 4x8, 8x30, 12x40, 30x100, 200, 325...
Iodine     (min): 800-1050mg/g
Moisture   (max): 5%
Ash        (max): 15%
Hardness   (min): 90%
Apparent density: 480~530g/l                      Methylene blue(min):150 mg/g
The products can be provided according to the customer's special demands.


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CB 15

CB 15 is a blended activated carbon used to enhance the pollutant removal rate in the waste water.

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CW-05 Industrial Grade

Brief Description:

Water decoloring agent CW-05 resin for  retention agent used in the paper mills.




Light color liquid

Solid Content:     


Specific Gravity at 20°C:


PH Value (30% Solution):





Soluble in Water absolutely at Any Rate


30kgs / 250kgs / 1250kgs drum

Storage Temperature:

Room temperature



1. high efficient decolorizing flocculant

2. used as retention agent in the paper & pulp processing

3. Faster sedimentation, better flocculation

4.Less sludge produced than other inorganic coagulants


Application Field:

1. Mainly used for, printing, dyeing, paper-making, ink  waste water treatment for textile.

2. Also can be used for color removal treatment for dyeing high-colority waste water.

3. Can be used in the production process of paper & pulp as retention agent..


Application Method:

1. The product shall be diluted with 10-40 times water and then dosed into the waste water directly.

 After several minutes, it can be precipitated or air-floated to get clear water.

2. The pH of the waste water should be adjusted to 6-10 for better result.

3. polyaluminum chloride, but not mixed together. In this way, the treatment cost can be lower. Whether polyaluminum chloride used earlier or later depends on the flocculation test and the treatment process.



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Cationic Polyacrylamide

Cationic Polyacrylamide is used for primary sedimentation treatment and secondary activated sludge treatment process and followed by sludge dewatering, thickening, digestion and drying. The purpose of the primary sedimentation treatment is to remove settleable solids from the waste water by using combination of inorganic coagulants(PAC), ferric chloride(PFC) and other polymer flocculants. Secondary treatment through activated sludge process by aeration or tricking filter is to removed suspended solids, nitrogen and phosphate. The sludge is then treated with cationic polyacrylamide(CPMA) in the process of dewatering to achieve better efficiency in thickening, digestion and drying.

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Coag 577

Coag 577 is a liquid cationic polyelectrolyte of medium molecular weight. It works effectively as a primary coagulant and can replace alum and ferric salts in waste water clarification. It is also usefull in other solid-liquid separation such as sludge dewatering and clarifying elmulsions.

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DEODISIN-100 a strong oxidative deodorizer to arrest foul smell emanating from effluent, sludge etc. It can be effectively used by mixing with effluent and sprayed on to sludge bed to mask odour in the atmosphere surrounding ETP and also the far off places.

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DF NT-90

DF NT-90 is a non-toxic blended, alcohol based compound used to prevent and reduce foaming conditions commonly encountered in drilling, work-over and completion, and waste water treating applications. DF NT-90 is normally used at treatment rates of 5 gallons per 200-250 barrels of fluid. DF NT-90 should be slowly added directly to the fluid in a mixing tank. Spraying directly onto foam is the preferred method of treating surface foam.

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