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Coag 577

Coag 577 is a liquid cationic polyelectrolyte of medium molecular weight. It works effectively as a primary coagulant and can replace alum and ferric salts in waste water clarification. It is also usefull in other solid-liquid separation such as sludge dewatering and clarifying elmulsions.

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DF NT-90

DF NT-90 is a non-toxic blended, alcohol based compound used to prevent and reduce foaming conditions commonly encountered in drilling, work-over and completion, and waste water treating applications. DF NT-90 is normally used at treatment rates of 5 gallons per 200-250 barrels of fluid. DF NT-90 should be slowly added directly to the fluid in a mixing tank. Spraying directly onto foam is the preferred method of treating surface foam.

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Orchid Chemical trading is a quality-driven firm and make sure that our offerings are properly kept and processed. For this, we have installed all the in-house storage facility that helps us in meeting bulk and urgent requirements of the clients. We are from dubai(United Arab Emirates) and engaged in catering to the market with quality products at nominal prices. The largest use of our methanol by far is in making other chemicals. It is used on a limited basis to fuel internal combustion engines. In some wastewater treatment plants, a small amount of methanol is added to wastewater to provide a carbon food source for the denitrifying bacteria.


Stimulus effectively controls the odors from decomposition of grass, landscape products and waste from similar streams. It is effective at landfill operations to control food waste odors.

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NANO-ZYME is an effective microbes (EM) contains multiple strains of aerobic and facultative anaerobic microbes, which are selected for their compatible, symbiotic metabolic pathways. NANO-ZYME effectively treats the suspended and floatable organic debris; reduce the COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand), and TSS (Total Suspended Solids) combination of various strains will successively promotes the growth of bacterial population, break down and digest the waste in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions to a far greater degree than the same quantity of single microbial strain. NANO-ZYME is available at both liquid and solid state and it contains more than fifteen stains of natural bacteria and concentrated source of enzymes which are capable of producing hydrolyzing enzymes and degrade the organics, nitrates and phosphates, which are genetically capable of producing concentrations of enzymes in waste treatment systems under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. In NANO-ZYME solid form of product the spontaneous adsorption of microbial cells to surface of carrier materials results in colonization of the support material and leads to the formation of biofilms. In a biofilm, the micro-organisms are entrapped within a matrix of extra-cellular polymeric substances (EPS) secreted by themselves. NANO-ZYME can be used in agro industries, breweries, distilleries, pulp& paper, textiles, dyes, pharma, leather, food industry, sugar industry, dairy industry, hotels, hospitals, municipal and industrial waste water treatments.

P-Floc 77

P-Floc 77 is a liquid cationic polyelectrolyte of medium molecular weight. It works effectively as a primary coagulant and coagulant aid in water clarification and as a dewatering aid in industrial waste sludges. It is also useful in other solid-liquid separation such as secondary clarifiers, settling of product stream and clarifying emulsions.

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TEK DF-77 is a silicone emulsion defoamer designed especially to control foaming conditions often found in glycol dehydration and amine sweetening processes as well as municipal waste water systems. TEK DF-77 is readily soluble in water, glycol or amine and can be either continuously injected or batch treated at rates of 50-500ppm.

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Bacfood NP

Bacfood NP is a special blend of inorganic nutrients used in waste water treatment to promote proper growth of bacteria.

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BakWira OR

BakWira OR is a highly specialised combination of bacterial cultures, enzymes and biodegradable surfactants specifically and carefully selected to handle intolerable nuisance odor such as H2S , ammonia, etc. in open tanks, ponds, lagoons and ditches.

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Bakwira FM

Bakwira FM is a highly specialised combination of bacterial cultures specifically selected and adapted to degrade a wide range of organic waste. This product has been used successfully in palm oil refineries, soy bean refineries, dairy products, breweries, chemical plants, food and beverages processing plants and etc. It is proven to be effective to overcome a variety of problems such as periods of high influent loading, system start-up after mill shutdown, and unfavourable temperature conditions. This product is used to achieve consistent effluents with widely ranging influent organic levels, improve settleability of biological solids, reduces surcharges, correct low or inconsistent MLVSS numbers, control foam production from partially degraded organics and alter biomass dynamics gradually shifting towards a superior population.

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