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Halotolerant bacteria

[Product traits] Powder

[Main ingredients] Bacillus & coccus which can grow spore(endospore)

[Content of viable bacteria] ≥20 billion/gram 

[Applicable field] Municipal sewage, chemical sewage, printing & dyeing  sewage, landfill leachats, foodstuff sewage and other anaerobic system for industry wastewater.


[Main Functions]

If the salt content in sewage reaches 10%(100000mg/l),the bacteria will take acclimatiion and biofilm formation on biochemical system quickly.

Improve the efficiency of organic pollutant removal,to make sure the BOD?COD&TSS content is OK for brine sewage.

If the electric charge of sewage has large fluctuation,bacteria will strengthen the settleability of sludge to improve the effluent quality.


[Application method]

(calculated by biochemical pond),for industrial sewage,first dosage should be 100-200 gram/m3;for high biochemical system,dosage should be 30-50 gram/m3;for municipal sewage,dosage should be 50-80 gram/m3.



The tests show that the following physical and chemical parameters on bacterial growth is the most effective:

PH: average range between 5.5 to 9.5, it will grow most rapidly between 6.6 -7.8 , and best ph value is 7.5.

Temperature:  take effect between 8 ? - 60 ?.Bacteria will die if the temperature is higher than 60 ?. If it is lower than 8 ? , bacteria will not die, but the growth of bacteria cell will berestricted a lot. The most suitable temperature is between 26-32 ?.

Dissolved oxygen : aeration tank in sewage treament,dissolved oxygen content is at least 2 mg/liter.The metabolic and regrade rate of bacteria could speed up by 5-7times with fully oxygen.

Micro-elements: proprietary bacteria group will need a lot of elements in its growth, such as potassium, iron, calcium, sulfur, magnesium, etc., normally it contains enough mentioned elements in soil and water.

Salinity: it is applicable in high salty water,the maximum tolerance of salinity is 10%.

Poison resistance: can more effectively resist chemical toxic substances,including chloride,cyanide and heavy metals,etc.

*When the contaminated area contains biocide,need to test the effect to bacteria.

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Hypersperse MSI 410

Hypersperse* MSI410 is a highly effective liquid antiscalant/antifoulant specifically designed for silicascale. Hypersperse MSI410 is capable of effective silicacontrol up to and exceeding 300 ppm under selectconditions.

Certified for use in producing potable water(Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60)

Effectively controls silica scaling, as well asscales of calcium and sulfate

tacelene chem 12005

Tacelene Chem 12005 is a general purpose scale inhibitor and dispersant. It is effective to inhibit scale deposition on equipment surfaces. It acts against precipitation and deposition of calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate and other sparingly soluble salts.It is particularly recommended to use Tacelene Chem 12005 as sludge dispersant and scale control polymer in boiler, even in high pressure boilers

Bacta Cult Aerobic 99

Bacta-Cult (Aerobic) is specially formulated microorganism containing aerobic bacteria which can grow over wide temperature range 5-45°C. Bacta-Cult when added in waste water treatment systems starts multiplying immediately to create higher Biomass content. This helps in biodegradation of BOD content of the waste water.

Benefits Of Using Bacta-Cult bio-Culture:

 Reduction in commissioning time of ETP & STP
 Rapid growth of MLSS with high MLVSS Content
 Powdered form. Easy to use and easy to store
 Bacta-Cult supplements useful bacteria into ETP/STP which suppress the growth of harmful    bacteria and leads to faster commissioning.
 Shock load stabilization
 Reduces BOD & COD and suppresses the foul odor from ETP & STP
 Reduces the overall cost of operation
 Performance improvement

Bacta Cult textile 99

BACTA CULT –Textile Acclimatized bacteria to suit Major textile dyes (Reactive, Vat, Disperse, Indigo, Acid etc). Acclimatized bacteria to suit Major textile unit processes (Washing, bleaching, mercerizing, sizing, desizing, Dyeing etc). Effective for converting Cellulose, Lignin, PVA, Starch into simpler compounds.


CW-05 Industrial Grade

Brief Description:

Water decoloring agent CW-05 resin for  retention agent used in the paper mills.




Light color liquid

Solid Content:     


Specific Gravity at 20°C:


PH Value (30% Solution):





Soluble in Water absolutely at Any Rate


30kgs / 250kgs / 1250kgs drum

Storage Temperature:

Room temperature



1. high efficient decolorizing flocculant

2. used as retention agent in the paper & pulp processing

3. Faster sedimentation, better flocculation

4.Less sludge produced than other inorganic coagulants


Application Field:

1. Mainly used for, printing, dyeing, paper-making, ink  waste water treatment for textile.

2. Also can be used for color removal treatment for dyeing high-colority waste water.

3. Can be used in the production process of paper & pulp as retention agent..


Application Method:

1. The product shall be diluted with 10-40 times water and then dosed into the waste water directly.

 After several minutes, it can be precipitated or air-floated to get clear water.

2. The pH of the waste water should be adjusted to 6-10 for better result.

3. polyaluminum chloride, but not mixed together. In this way, the treatment cost can be lower. Whether polyaluminum chloride used earlier or later depends on the flocculation test and the treatment process.



Yixing Cleanwater Chemicals Co.,Ltd.

We specialize in providing chemicals and service for waste water and urban sewage treatment. Main products include Water decoloring agent, PAC, PAM, pdadmac, polyamine, flocculant and coagulant,etc. More info. pls refer to cleanwaterchems at

Cationic Polyacrylamide

Cationic Polyacrylamide is used for primary sedimentation treatment and secondary activated sludge treatment process and followed by sludge dewatering, thickening, digestion and drying. The purpose of the primary sedimentation treatment is to remove settleable solids from the waste water by using combination of inorganic coagulants(PAC), ferric chloride(PFC) and other polymer flocculants. Secondary treatment through activated sludge process by aeration or tricking filter is to removed suspended solids, nitrogen and phosphate. The sludge is then treated with cationic polyacrylamide(CPMA) in the process of dewatering to achieve better efficiency in thickening, digestion and drying.

Properties Suppliers

Character of commodityPowder

Main ingredientsThe bacterium agent consists of the bacilli and cocci which can form spores (endospores).

Living bacteria content≥20 billion/g

Range of applicationSuitable for the hypoxia system of municipal waste water treatment plants, all kinds of industry chemical waste water, printing and dyeing waste water ,garbage leachate, food industry waste water and other industry waste water treatment.


Main functions】:

n Aerobic bacteria agent has good degradation function on organic matter in water. Because of spore bacteria has extremely strong resistance to the harmful factors of the outside world. It can make the sewage treatment system has higher ability of resist impact load, and has strong handling capacity , the system can run properly when the sewage concentration changing dramatically ,ensure effluent discharge stability.

n Aerobic bacteria agent can remove BOD, COD and TTS effectively. Improve the solid settling capacity in sedimentation basin significantly, increase the number and diversity of protozoa.

n Start and Recovery System Quickly, improve processing capacity and impact resistant ability of the system ,reduce the amount of residual sludge generated effectively ,reduce the use of chemicals such as flocculant ,save electricity.


Usage and dosage】:

1.According to water quality index into the biochemical system of industrial wastewater:the first dosage is about 80-150 grams/cubic (according to volume calculation of the biochemical pond).

2.If it has too big impact on biochemical system caused by fluctuations feed water, the improved dosage is 30-50 grams/cubic (according to volume calculation of the biochemical pond).

3.The dosage of municipal wastewater is 50-80 grams/cubic (according to volume calculation of the biochemical pond).



The test shows that the following physical and chemical parameters for bacterial growth is most effective:

n PH: In the range of 5.5 and 9.5, most rapidly growth is between 6.6~7.8, the practice proved the best processing efficiency in PH 7.5.

n Temperature: it will take effect between 8℃~60℃. Bacteria will die if the temperature is higher than 60℃. If it is lower than 8℃, it will not die ,but the growth of bacteria will be restricted a lot. The most suitable temperature is between 26~32℃.

n Dissolved oxygen:The dissolved oxygen at least 2 mg/l in the aeration tank of waste water treatment ; the metabolism and degradation speed of high resilience bacteria to target substance will accelerate 5~7 times with enough oxygen.

n Trace Elements : Proprietary bacterium group will need a lot of elements in its growth , such as potassium, iron, sulfur, magnesium, etc. Normally , it contains enough elements in soil and water.

n Salinity: It is applicable in salt water and fresh water ,the maximum tolerance of salinity is 6%.

n Poison resistance : Can more effectively resist chemical toxic substances, including chloride, cyanide and heavy metals ,etc.


Notice: when the contaminated area containing fungicides, should research the effect of them for microorganisms in advance.

Yixing Cleanwater Chemicals Co.,Ltd.We specialize in providing chemicals and service for waste water and urban sewage treatment. Main products include Water decoloring agent, PAC, PAM, pdadmac, polyamine, flocculant and coagulant,etc. More info. pls refer to cleanwaterchems at

Bacta Cult Anaerobic 99

Bacta-Cult (Anaerobic) is a mixture of different natural and safe bacteria. These bacteria have ability to degrade number of pollutants an aerobically. Bacteria present in Bacta-Cult (Anaerobic) are highly stable. This anaerobic bacteria is available in powdered form.

Bacta Cult(Anaerobic) helps in:-

 Provides continuous source of highly anaerobic and facultative cultures which stabilize system
 Degrades oil & grease, eliminating digester grease mats (esterase and lipase enzymes)
 Allows effective start-up of anaerobic facility
 Improves digester system recovery after operational or inhibitory upset
 Effective over a wide range of temperature range & pH range
 Non-toxic, non-corrosive, safe to handle and store, safe to the environment
 Can biodegrade xenobiotic compounds such as chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons (e.g., trichloroethylene, trihalomethanes) and recalcitrant natural compounds such as lignin

Bacta Cult Biotoilet 99

Bacta Cult – Bio toilet is a mixture of specially formulated natural and safe bacteria. These bacteria have ability to degrade human fecal waste into simpler compounds, which can be easily converted into methane and Carbon dioxide. Bacta Cult Bio toilet is a biological solution for all kind of bio toilet and portable bio toilet.
When added to compartment of bio toilet, the beneficial bacteria activates immediately and begin to secrete enzymes that digest and decomposes feces, urine, fats, detergent and other organic wastes. The environmentally harmless microbes in bio toilet rapidly multiply in the system thereby restoring biologically health and efficiency of bio toilet.

Benefits of Bacta Cult – Bio Toilet:

 Microbial digestion by Bacta Cult Bio toilet is the simplest and clean way to digest waste into methane and CO2.
 Reduces foul odour from Bio toilet
 Naturally safe bacteria non-hazardous to health.
 Dominates and decompose organic matter in to liquid and gases
 Can withstand subzero temperature as well as upto 60 degree centigrade but charging of Inoculum should be done not less than 5ºC Temperature
 Routine cleaning chemicals like phenyl, soap, kerosene etc do not harm bio toilet.


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