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potassium permanganate Industrial Grade 99.4%

Category: potassium permanganate
Manufacturer / origin: Guangdong Hang Xin Technologies AG
Product Grade: Industrial grade
Content: 99.4%
Implementation of quality standards: GB / T1608-2017,  BP2000
CAS: 7722-64-7
Brand: Navigation
Molecular formula: KmnO4
Molecular Weight: 158.03


Traits: dark purple, metallic luster granular, needle-like crystal or quicksand. Dissolved in water, the solution was purple. It is a strong oxidizing agent. Sweet and astringent. Dust irritating.


Uses: mainly used in light industry, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, environmental protection, agriculture, oil, aquaculture, also apply to preservatives, disinfectants and oxidizing agents in the pharmaceutical industry and the like. Oxidants such as sugar, vitamins, isoniazid and other products; starch, fabric, fat bleaching agent; gas absorber; water purification agents. As a preservative and disinfectant medicine.


Packaging and storage: net weight 25kg plastic drum, 50kg galvanized iron drum lined with polyethylene plastic film bag. Store in a cool dry place.
Quality standards: the implementation of GB / T1608-2017,  British Pharmacopoeia BP2000 Standard Edition.

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powdered activated carbons

Mainly used for drinking water ,wasterwater ,gas treatment with 200 mesh(0.075mm) passing>95% and 325 mesh (0.045mm) passing>90%
Product     Size:200, 325…
Iodine     (min): 800-1050mg/g
Moisture   (max): 5%
Ash        (max): 15%
Hardness   (min): 90%
Apparent density: 480~530g/l                     
 Methylene blue(min):150 mg/g
The products can be provided according to the customer's special demands."


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sodium metabisulphite Technical 90 %

Sodium metabisulphite is marketed under the brand ASA IMPEX (ASA).

SMBS is used as a preservative in the starch and food industry to control melanosis (black spot) in shrimp; for fermentation in the industry; as an antichlor in the chemical industry and as a redox catalyst in the acrylic fibre industry.

The product is also used as a reducing agent in the purification of aldehydes and ketones; in the manufacture of sulphonated oil and resin; for detoxification of cyanide in gold ore processing plants and in the manufacture of photographic chemicals.

Sodium metabisulphite is manufactured by ASA IMPEX (India).

Product specifications:

Formula: Na2S2O5
  • Sodium disulphite
  • Sodium pyrosulphite

This product is available in three grades:

  • Industrial
  • Food
  • Technical
  • Commercial
Applications: Water Treatment Chemical :Sodium Metabisulfite plays an important part in the treatment of water,wastewater and waste as a strong reducing agent.

Leather Processing Industries (SMBS) :Sodium Metabisulfite is used as leather processing chemical during the deliming process and helps to prevent formation of toxiz hydrogen sulphide gas during deliming.

Acrylic Sheets Manufacturing :It is used in manufacturing of acrylic sheets.

Chemical Industries :It is a common reducing agent in chemical industries. Also, Sodium Metabisulfite is used as a bleaching agent in pulp and textile manufacture.

  • As a preservative in fruits and starch
  • As an enzyme inhibitor in melanin formation (black and brown spots)
  • 50 kg HDPE bags


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sodium permanganate Purified 40%

Product Name: Sodium permanganate
Manufacturer: Guangdong Hang Xin Technologies AG
Use level: Industrial
Content: 40 (%)
Implementation of quality standards: Q / GDHX 1-2011
CAS Number: 10101-50-5
Brand: Navigation
Molecular formula: NaMnO4
Molecular Weight: 141.93

Appearance: purple liquid. A density of 1.36 ~ 1.39 g / cm3, soluble in water, ethanol and ether, soluble in liquid ammonia. Decomposition in alkali. Strong oxidizing. And chemical properties similar to potassium permanganate.
Purposes: as oxidants, disinfectants, fungicides and phosphorous antidotes. Toluene is also used to manufacture saccharin, o-toluene sulfonamide and organic synthesis and purification of phenol wastewater treatment. Can be used for circuit boards, metal surface cleaning, the conductive film cleaning to remove grease, electrolytic manganese dioxide, chemical fiber finishing, electroplating addition to hydrogen sulfide and other odors, as well as water treatment and so on.
Packaging and storage: Industrial Pails barrel, net weight 25kg plastic drum, 250kg steel-plastic composite barrels, 1250kg IBC barrels packaging. Store in a cool dry place.
Quality Standard: enterprise standard Q / GDHX 1-2011.

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sodium sulfide (na2(sx)) Technical 60

sodium sulphide flakes or sodium sulfide flakes 

  purity:60% min 

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