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Hydribio 1806 is a biological product formulated to be effective in enhancing municipal wastewater biology during colder winter months. Developed to involve 14 strains of bacteria selected for performance under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Biodegrades organic material comprised of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and select hydrocarbons.


Hydribio 1838 is a bacteria laden block designed to provide continuous biological treatment in lift stations and sewers over a 30-45 day period. Hydribio 1838 dissolves gradually, realising billions of beneficial bacteria into the lift station to digest FOG and maintain clean, free flowing systems. This product is ideal for high grease sewer applications.


TRIOBAN F 020 Silicone Free (Liquid) Defoamer is a non toxic defoamer dedicated to various types of fermentation process in antibiotic manufacturing.


TRIOBAN SD 20 Silicone Free (Liquid) Defoamer proprietary blend of Polydimethyl Siloxane with non ionic surfactants Silica and Polyether Silicones.TRIOBAN SD 20 eliminates troublesome foaming conditions in a variety of application areas.TRIOBAN SD 20Protects expesive pricess equipments where can lead to production and asset threatening issues.


TRIOFLOC 1404 is effective at very low dosage levels, and works over a wide pH range and does not alter pH in the system., larger and faster settling flocs are formed in gravity settling operations. TRIOFLOC 1404 shows higher solids capture, increased clarity, and greater throughput are attained in centrifugation.


TRIOFLOC 529P is Polyacrylamide product, used for industrial solid-liquid separation process, including settlement, to clarify, concentrate and sludge dewatering processes, urban sewage treatment, paper, food processing, petrochemical, metallurgical processing, dyeing, sugar and all kinds of industrial wastewater treatment.


TRIOFLOC 830P chemically described as coplymer of acrylamide with cationic component. TRIOFLOC 830P polyacrylamide is used for sludge dewatering, treating industrial waste water, sewage and purifying water, filtering aid.

Trioban SQ 30

Trioban SQ 30 is widely used in industrial ETP applications.


Hydriban 9021 is a defoamer blend designed for use in a variety of industrial, municipal and food processing wastewater treatment foam control applications. Hydriban 9021 is especially effective at biological foam control in aeration basins and digesters.

Con WTP 1000

Con WTP 1000 is a pure acrylic acid homopolymer with a low molecular weight (2000 g/mol) from our new range of deposition control agents and dispersing agents. It can be used in all aspects of modern, all-organic water treatment applications.Con WTP 1000 is effective in inhibiting deposits and incrustations in either cooling water circuits or boiler applications, especially for calcium carbonate. Like other polyacrylic acids, Con WTP 1000 inhibits the build-up of scale at different stages: by stopping the crystal nucleation (Threshold effect), by disturbing the crystal growth which leads to smaller crystal structures and by acting as a dispersing agent for already formed scale. Due to  the lower molecular weight compared to Con WTP 1100, the dispersing efficacy is slightly lower.Con WTP 1000 can be used as a basic ingredient for different water treatment formulations. For optimal performance, we recommend to blend Con WTP 1000 with other, more specialized polymers like Con WTP 2000, Con WTP 3100 or PCA/PCAC.Con WTP 1000 is supplied in 1250 kg IBC or 250 kg drums. Other packaging options upon request.

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