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Belcor 575

Belcor 575 is a dark brown liquid and has been developed as an all organic corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in industrial water systems

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Belcor 590

Belcor 590 white,water-containing wet cake and has been developed as an all organic closed system corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in industrial water systems.

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Belcor 593

Belcor 593 helps in developing more environmentally friendly, all-organic corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in closed loop industrial water systems. It is an organic anodic corrosion inhibitor that has proved exceptional as a building block for environmentally acceptable closed loop treatment formulations.

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CIT-MIT 14 is composed of 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-thiazoline-3-ketone (CMIT) and 2-methyl-4-thiazoline-3-ketone (MIT).This CIT-MIT 14 biocide and has been used as a preservative in a variety of industrial applications, which include water treatment, paper and pulping, cooling tower, waste water, wash water, water based coatings such as paints, slurries, dispersed pigments, adhesives, latex emulsion. The active ingredient provides broad-spectrum activity against common bacteria, algae, and fungi.

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DOSCALE-65 is highly beneficial as calcium sulphate inhibitor. DOSCALE-65 do not contain phosphates and other chelants. Furthermore, DOSCALE-65 product have high dispersion of calcium carbonate in presence of alkalinity (upto 750) and higher pH upto (10).DOSCALE-65 is compatible to all RO membranes, effective at ph 5-9.

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DTEA II™ is a versatile, multifunctional product that is a powerful dispersant, penetrating aid, and cleaner for organic deposit control in industrial water systems. It is an essential part of a Biofilm Control Program in conjunction with a biocide. It is an effective non-phosphonate corrosion inhibitor for copper, admiralty brass, and mild steel metallurgies. Supplements or replaces traditional triazole corrosion inhibitors. It minimizes the use of biocides by reducing the accumulation of organic deposits on critical heat transfer surfaces and throughout the system.

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Defoamer C

Defoamer C is an effective water treatment antifoam which is suitable for cooling water, effluent and boiler water treatment. The de-foaming emulsion has proved quite effective at reducing the risk of carryover for boiler houses where carryover and priming have been a long standing issue.

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Euchlorine is a rare sublimate around volcanic fumaroles. It can be used as algae disinfector in circulating cool water system and swimming pool. Euchlorine has strong fungicide effect.

Flocon 135

Flocon 135 is a general antiscalant for reverse osmosis systems, highly effective in controlling the deposition of inorganic scale forming salts on membrane surfaces.ƒ Flocon 135 is an aqueous solution of a phophinocarboxylic acid. It is compatible in use with all major reverse osmosis membranes.

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Genesol 30

Genesol 30 is a fast acting microbicide for use in cleaning Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration membrane systems. It can be used both on and off line to eliminate microbiological fouling. It is effective against most micro-organisms, compatible with all membrane types,easily deactivated to harmless by-products. Genesol 30 is corrosive to carbon steel and certain other metals and alloys. Dosing pumps, tanks and pipe-work should be constructed using acid resistant materials.

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