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Tandex 262

Tandex 262 is a clear, straw coloured liquid acidic product containing a synthetic detergent which easily penetrates oxide deposits.It is designed for use as a rust and scale removal product for a wide range of surfaces.It is also an excellent cleaner for exterior masonry surfaces on buildings.It is ideal for use in recirculating cleaning on piping systems at concentration from 0.5-2% of the volume of the system.

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Tandex 270

Tandex 270 is a free flowing powder, designed for use as an efficient remover of rust, scale and corrosion products for base metals such as mild steel, brass, copper, stainless steel and other mixed metals without attacking the metal surfaces. The effective acidity of it is not released until the compound is dissolved in water.

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Tandex 295

TANDEX 295 is a clear crystalline compound designed specifically for the removal of silica scale deposits from boilers and heat exchangers.It is also an excellent cleaner for removing industrial grime and fallout from masonry surfaces.

Tandex 580

TANDEX 580 is an off white granular product containing a blend of high powered wetting and dispersing agents, chelants and alkaline salts.It is normally used in soak tank operations as a multipurpose grease, oil, rust, carbon and paint remover.

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Tandex 582

Tandex 582 is a strongly acidic liquid product designed for effective removal of mineral scale and corrosion products from heating and cooling equipment such as boilers and heat exchangers.It contains specialty corrosion inhibitors to limit the acid effect on the base metals.It has particular application as an effective scale remover for steam boilers that have accumulated layers of calcium and magnesium mineral scale on tubes and heating surfaces.

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Tandex BWS

Tandex BWS is a concentrated blend of organic corrosion inhibitors, dispersing agents and oxygen absorbers,specially formulated for broad spectrum boiler water.It Prevents scale formation by converting precipitated hardness salts into a fine flocculent mobile sludge which is removed by blowdown.

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VCHEM 2010

VCHEM 2010 is a membrane antiscalant. In membranes system higher permeate recovery are limited by calcium carbonate and sulphate scales. VCHEM 2010 has found application as an antiscalant and antifoulant in a wide selection of brackish, high salinity, process and effluent waters.

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Vitec 7000

Vitec 7000 is a multicomponent liquid antiscalant and dispersant that provides a high level of sulfate inhibition and allows increased reverse osmosis (RO) system recoveries in challenging waters. It prevents calcium sulfate (CaSO4) scale precipitation, allowing up to 7 times saturation. The primary application of this product is brackish water or waste water rich in sulfate, which requires a specialty product for economic membrane system recovery. It is successfully applied on industrial and potable applications. Vitec 7000 is approved for use in systems producing drinking water in the UK, is formulated using ingredients approved for use in European drinking water systems and by NSF International under NSF/ANSI Standard 60.

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Zetag 8165

Zetag 8165 is copolymer of acrylamide and quaternized cationic monomer. Zetag 8165 used for the conditioning of a variety of municipal and industrial substrates prior to mechanical or static solid/ liquid separation.This product is not compliant for use in potable water applications.

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AMIETOL M21 can be used for multiple applications such as in the manufacturing of flocculants, pulp and paper chemicals, ion exchange resins, polyurethanes, epoxy and acrylic resins, textiles, leather, paints, coatings, inks, surfactants, detergents, drugs and pharmaceuticals.

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