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IC 3009

IC 3009 is a multipurpose boiler feed water conditioner.It works as a Softening agent Oxygen scavenger.It keeps the sludge in suspension which is discharged through blow down.

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IC 4000

IC 4000 is an offline descalent for removal of organic deposits & carbonate scale from boiler,heatexchanger ,pipeline , etc.

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IC 4001

IC 4001 is an offline descalant for removal of organic deposits and carbonate scales from boiler heat exchanger etc.It is a balanced formulation containing scale removing compound , wetting agent and scale deposit penetrant.

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MCT 501

MCT 501 is an ortho/polyphosphate blend for controlling calcium/magnesium scale while maintaining good system stabilization.It is also a corrosion inhibitor especially where significant calcium and alkalinity exist in the system.

MCT 504

MCT 504 potable and process water treatment is a specially engineered phosphate blend used for water system stabilization. This product is composed of a linear chain poly phosphate that minimizes or controls metal corrosion and scale formation in potable water systems.It sequesters soluble iron, manganese, calcium and magnesium and eliminates the red water problems associated with system corrosion and raw water iron. Lead and copper residuals from system leaching is also minimized.

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MCT 514

MCT 514 provides superior corrosion inhibition to multi-metal systems operating at high or low temperatures. Recommended for diesel and other internal combustion engines, hot water heating systems, chilled water circuits and other closed systems containing ferrous and nonferrous metals.

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MCT 517

MCT 517 is an all-organic inhibitor product designed to provide corrosion protection to multi-metal systems. This unique formula is recommended for chilled water and closed industrial cooling systems.It prevents deposits, scale, sludge and resultant loss in heat transfer and system efficiency.

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MCT 560

MCT 560 an all-organic inhibitor make-up that is designed to maintain corrosion protection in the recirculating cooling water systems.Residual scale and inorganic contaminants are also stabilized to minimize or prevent deposit formation that would reduce system efficiency.


Polydex is a bacteriostatic algaecide for potable water sources, treatment and distribution systems providing long-term protection from algae, bacteria and their toxins.

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RO 1300

RO 1300 is an effective multi-purpose antifoulant that functions to maintain reverse osmosis membranes clean and free of deposit materials.It works as a dual function additive in that it prevents the formation of inorganic scale by effectively increasing the solubility of inorganic salts. It also prevents iron fouling of the membranes by holding soluble iron in solution and dispersing insoluble iron.It greatly improves membrane efficiency and reduces the potential for damage.

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