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RO 1300

RO 1300 is an effective multi-purpose antifoulant that functions to maintain reverse osmosis membranes clean and free of deposit materials.It works as a dual function additive in that it prevents the formation of inorganic scale by effectively increasing the solubility of inorganic salts. It also prevents iron fouling of the membranes by holding soluble iron in solution and dispersing insoluble iron.It greatly improves membrane efficiency and reduces the potential for damage.

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RO 1301

RO 1301 is a polymeric antiscalant that inhibits inorganic scale formation on reverse osmosis membrane surfaces.It functions by chemically interfering with crystal formation in the feedwater and reduces the potential for adhesion between scale particles and the membrane surface. Typical mineral constituents such as calcium and magnesium carbonates, sulfates, and colloidal clay particles are maintained in a soluble state and dispersed to minimize or eliminate scale potential.It aids in prolonging membrane life and increases operational efficiency.

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RO 1302

RO 1302 is a heavy duty antiscalant/antifoulant treatment product for Reverse Osmosis membrane surfaces. It is composed of ingredients that prevent the formation of inorganic scales by effectively increasing the solubility of inorganic salts and by chelation. Many of these constituents include hardness scales and other inorganic contaminants such as barium, copper, iron, and strontium.It also controls insoluble particles, such as iron, and disperses these materials for removal through the reject water.

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RO 1304

RO 1304 is designed to inhibit silica, sulfate, and carbonate scales and disperse colloidal particles in membrane separation systems.It is unique in that it inhibits silica scaling at much higher concentrations than typical antiscalants, a feature which may allow significantly increased RO system recovery in high silica feedwaters.

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RP-165H is an non-toxic, biodegradable, highly effective rust retarding compound which is capable of floating on ballast water and will deposit itself as a protective coating on adjacent tank surfaces during ballasting and deballasting operations.

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SCALGUN is an acidic composition containing organic inhibitors and surface active agents, suitable for use as a low cost general purpose descaling and derusting chemical specially for carbon steel or hot rolled steel & for cast iron parts.

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HPMA is the monomer used to make the polymer.The polymer is water-soluble (highly hydrophilic), non-immunogenic and non-toxic, and resides in the blood circulation well.Poly(HPMA)-drug conjugate preferably accumulates in tumor tissues via the passive-targeting process (or so-called EPR effect). Due to its favorable characteristics, HPMA polymers and copolymers are also commonly used to produce synthetic biocompatible medical materials such as hydrogels.


AQUAMINE is a solution of ammonium sulfate.It is used in conjunction with chlorine to generate chloramines for post disinfection in drinking water distribution systems.It is stable over a broad temperature range.


AQUASORB is a non soluble cross linked copolymer of acrylamide and acrylate.AQUASORB has a water holding capacity of 50 to 120 times w/w. In contact with water, AQUASORB swells and becomes a hydrogel.

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ARC-1011 is based upon a combination of phosphate conditioner and alkalinity builder. It reacts with feed water hardness and prevents it from precipitating on the boiler metal as scale.

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