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Hydrex 4711

Hydrex 4711 is a liquid product, based upon alkalis and sequestering compounds for the removal of organic foulants and silica from polypropylene membranes. The product is particularly suitable for use where foaming is undesirable.

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Hydrex 4713

Hydrex 4713 is a formulated product designed to be used for the removal of deposits from polypropylene membranes.The product is strongly alkaline and also contains chelants, wetting agents and other compounds to enhance the cleaning process.

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Hydrex 5203

Hydrex 5203 is based on sulphamic acid and is used at up to 60°C for the removal of hardness deposits.It is in the form of a powder and is dissolved in water before application.It may be used to de-scale heat exchangers, equipment manufactured in steel, copper and stainless steel.Hydrex 5203 is particularly safe to handle and in non-flammable.

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Hydrex 5204

Hydrex 5204 is based on hydrochloric acid and is used for the removal or hardness deposits.It may be used to descale equipment manufactured in steel, cast iron and copper.

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Hydrex 5402

Hydrex 5402 is a liquid alkalinity builder based on sodium hydroxide and is especially formulated for use in boiler plant where the feedwater contains insufficient alkalinity.It may be safely used in treatment programs incorporating catalysed sodium sulphite oxygen scavenger.

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Hydrex 6920

Hydrex 6920 is a potable water grade high molecular weight liquid polyacrylamide with wide ranging application.It is widely used in waste water treatment.

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Hydrex 6921

Hydrex 6921 is a potable water grade flocculant with wide ranging uses in waste water treatment.

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Hydrex 6922

Hydrex 6922 is designed for the rapid removal of suspended solids and oils from industrial effluent and waste water.Hydrex 6922 is effective over a wide pH range.

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Hydrex 6924

Hydrex 6924 is a liquid product based upon a polymeric aluminium compound and is designed for use as a flocculant in water, including potable water.

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Hydrex 6928

Hydrex 6928 is a specially selected cationic polymer solution designed for removal of suspended solids from water.Hydrex 6928 solutions should be added at a point of high turbulence to provide adequate mixing.

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