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Kemlube-122 is solvent base rust preventive fluid having excellent water displacing properties for short term protection period. It is specially recommended after the pickling operation.

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Maxpol 5000 is a maleic homo-polymer used for various water treatment and industrial applications. It is highly effective as Dispersant and Scale Inhibitor in Industrial Water Treatment and Cooling Water Treatment as well as in all types of water based formulations. Maxpol-5000 being a low molecular weight polymer has good anti-gelling capacity and so has best calcium trapping ability working over wide range of pH, high hardness and temperature without precipitation.

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NEWCARB 100 is composed mainly of the sodium salt of diethyl dithiocarbamate.It is used for metallurgical Industry,electroplating,photographic laboratories.

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NEWCARB 200 is composed of sodium salt of ethylene bis dithiocarbamate.It has a chelating action, combining with a range of metals which makes them excellent biocidal agents sequestrants.

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NEWQUAT 380 is a microbicidal agent mainly composed of aluminium-chloride quil dimethyl benzyl ammonium.It is used for control of algae, bacteria and fungi in water cooling systems,control of bacteria in heating system faction,control of bacteria and fungi in ponds swimming,control of sulphate-reducing bacteria in injection systems.

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OB Alge-105

OB Alge-105 is an extremely effective liquid microbiocide, which will control bacteria and fungal growth in cooling systems at very low dosages.It is effective at pH levels of 6.0-8.5 and is compatible with alkaline corrosion inhibitor systems. pH of the tower water can be adjusted just prior to feeding to 7.0-7.5 with alkalinity reducer for maximum effectiveness.

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OB Alge-660

OB Alge-660 is a microbiocide, which is especially effective in controlling algae, bacteria and fungi.It demonstrated complete destruction of all test algae including green, blue green, black and Square D.It eliminates foam problems normally associated with conventional quaternary algaecides.

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OB Alge-670

OB Alge-670 is a complex polymeric quaternary ammonium microbiocide that is especially effective in controlling algae, iron bacteria and other slime forming microorganisms that contribute to the biological fouling of cooling towers, water storage tanks and heat exchangers.It can be used in alkaline or acid systems and does not foam.

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OB Alge-730

OB Alge-730 is a highly active, effective fungicide and bactericide for use in Fuel Oil,Intermediate Fuels and lubricating and hydraulic fluids in marine environments.

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Olklin-AC-1 is used to inhibit or control green and other algae, bacteria and fungi. It is effective over a broad pH range and can be used along with other water treatment chemicals.

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