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MCT 501C

MCT 501C Potable and Process Water Treatment is a specially engineered phosphate blend that is used for water system stabilization.It sequesters soluble iron, manganese, calcium and magnesium and eliminates the red water problems associated with water systems.It also controls or eliminates corrosion and scaling problems and provides the added advantage of slowly removing accumulated soft deposits that tend to restrict or reduce water flow.

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MCT 506C

MCT 506C is a polyphosphate that controls red and black water conditions along with calcium/magnesium scale. Where red water is a problem,it is an excellent choice.

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MCT 5247

MCT 5247 is a multi-purpose product for the prevention of scale and corrosion in open recirculating cooling water systems. The balanced blend of organic and inorganic corrosion inhibitors, sequestering and neutralizing agents make MCT 5247 a complete treatment.

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MCT 5257

MCT 5257 is a corrosion inhibitor product designed for use in industrial cooling water.It is a passivating type inhibitor that provides corrosion protection to metal surfaces.

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MCT 5506

It is designed for use in cooling tower systems to inhibit corrosion on copper, copper alloys and other metals.It is chemically stable when introduced into highly alkaline or acidic systems and varying temperature conditions.

MCT 5609

MCT 5609 is a multipurpose corrosion/scale inhibitor designed for use in medium and small industrial cooling water and heavy-duty air condition cooling systems. It will effectively control and prevent scale and corrosion in heat exchange equipment, thereby keeping heat transfer surfaces clean and efficient in operation. It provides excellent scale control for calcium carbonate, and provides yellow metal protection.

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MCT 5751

MCT 5751 is a unique combination of proven corrosion inhibitors that are formulated with a system stabilizing polymer to maintain good corrosion protection.This special formulation provides an effective corrosion inhibitor film on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals which is a passivation layer that maintains continuous corrosion protection in the system.

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MCT 6018

MCT 6018 is a multi-purpose product for silica scale control in cooling water systems. This all organic formulation incorporates ingredients that are biodegradable and contains no zinc, molybdenum or other heavy metal components.It functions to prevent silica, magnesium silicate and calcium scale formation in the system.

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MultiVap is a concentrated liquid blend of antiscalant and antifoam agents for controlling scale and foam in seawater evaporators. MultiVap has been formulated for optimum efficiency when used in large evaporators with high distillate production.

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