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It is a moderately alkaline, straw coloured liquid completely soluble in designed for use as a highly effective antiprecipitant and scale inhibitor in industrial systems such as steam and hot water boilers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, industrial cooling and air conditioning systems

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ROCOR NB Liquid is a highly effective corrosion inhibitor for the common ferrous and non-ferrous metals found in engine cooling water systems.The product can be used for corrosion inhibition in many types of closed recirculation systems such as Diesel engine cooling water systems, Compressor cooling water systems, Centralised cooling systems, Auxiliary machinery cooling systems.


Scalehib is an scale inhibitors or dispersants used for Gold mine process water and elution circuits,Cooling towers,process plant recirculating and once through systems.

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Tanblend is a concentrated blend of organic corrosion inhibitors, dispersing agents and oxygen absorbers, specially formulated for broad spectrum boiler water treatment.

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Vaptreat is a concentrated liquid blend of polymer and antifoam agents for controlling scale and foam in evaporators. It reduces downtime and maintenance,and can be used in both high pressure and vacuum evaporators.

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ALBA PLUS is a liquid, non-volatile, organic acid used much in the same way as mineral acids for water bore clean-out. It corrects problems in water bores which have never been accomplished in the past with muriatic acid, chlorine or sequestering agents combined or in series. It controls iron bacteria after each treatment and is recommended for complete bore clean-out of iron bacteria. It eliminates water stains caused by iron manganese oxides and improves taste of water when made disagreeable by bacteria.

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ALMIDE 50 is used in the manufacture of adhesives, particle board, fabric dyeing and as a water treatment chemical. It is also an precursor for pharmaceutical aluminium hydroxide gel manufacture.

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Aquamet T

Aquamet T is a sodium trithiocarbonate solution designed for use as an efficient metal precipitant. It provides more cost effective removal of some selected heavy metals from waste streams when compared to the dithiocarbamates.

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Belite M8

Belite M8 antifoam is a highly effective liquid product formulated to control foaming and priming in seawater distillation plants.All components of the Belite M8 formulation are approved for use as food additives by US FDA.The foaming tendency of seawater in distillation plants is unpredictable.It is generally thought that foam is formed when organic compounds are concentrated in the brine, giving rise to surface active effects which increase the liquid film strength at phase interfaces.Belite M8 is not soluble in water.At use concentrations (0.05-0.1 mg/l) Belite M8 forms a microemulsion and during evaporation is incorporated into the surface liquid film of bubbles where it acts as a surfactant and reduces the film strength. Belite M8 can be used to control foaming in all types of seawater distillation plant and is particularly suitable for use in multi-stage flashplants. Belite M8 is a formulated product containing ethylene oxide / propylene oxide block copolymer.

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