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ACUCOOL 2912 is a high performance eco-friendly cooling water corrosion and scale inhibitor scientifically formulated for the treatment and protection of cooling water systems operating under soft water conditions. ACUCOOL 2912 incorporates a highly effective dispersant and corrosion inhibitor for cooling water systems operating under naturally soft or blended artificially soft water conditions. ACUCOOL 2912 is stable to chlorine and bromine at the levels normally found in cooling systems. ACUCOOL 2912 is considered eco-friendly and exhibits an excellent environmental profile as it does not contain heavy metals, phosphates or nitrite.

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AMDTreat 252

AMDTreat 252 is 25% enhanced caustic soda with oxidizer and coagulant for the purpose of rapidly raising pH and precipitating metals out of solution. The additive package in this caustic product greatly enhances precipitation and water clarification.

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AQUAZEEL 401 Reverse Osmosis Antiscalant for Membrane Systems in water treatment plant.

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AQUAZEEL 402 is RO Antiscalants for Membrane Systems.

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AQUAZEEL 404 is acts as a RO Antiscalant for Membrane System.

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AQUAZEEL 405 RO Antiscalants used for Membrane System.

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AQUAZEEL-111 serves as a oxygen scavenger and corrosion inhibitor for boilers.

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AQUAZEEL-121 is a catalyzed hydrazine base oxygen scavenger for boilers.

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Accepta 2028

Accepta 2028 is a superior quality 2,2-DiBromo 3-NitriloProprionamide (DBNPA) based biocide for use in cooling water systems and other applications.It can be used in pulp and paper processes.

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Accepta 2053

Accepta 2053 is an general purpose water based antifoam comprising a mixture of surface actives.It can be used for waste water process applications.It is a concentrated emulsion and also acts as a defoamer.

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